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" Hm, depending on how the rest of the setlist shapes up to be, I might have to pick up Lego: Rock Band just to export them. (Meaning, I'm actually tempted to go rent it as soon as it hits Blockbuster.)   That article has also revealed some of the worst news ever to hit the Rock Band platform: Attack! Attack! will have songs available to download. "
Luckily, it's not that emo wannabe Metal band. I think its referring to the Attack! Attack! band in GH5 which is actually more of an indie rock band.
And this is great news. I was going to get this anyway, but this just adds to the awesome.
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@Hobbies said:
" It has introduced me to a countless number of music, and really has just encouraged me to start searching for new music on my own will.
This in a nutshell. Rock Band has introduced me to so much music, and I can definitely say I wouldn't love it as much as I do if it weren't for Rock Band. 
Hell, when I tell someone one of my favorite albums has become Doolittle, everyone gives me odd looks when I sit them down and have them try to listen to it.
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Honestly I find it pretty disrespectful to have dead musicians in the game. I was very uneasy about Jimi, but I accepted his estate's comment that "It would be what Jimi would've wanted". 
However, I find what they are doing with Kurt completely disrespectful to him and his wishes. He was against this type of stuff, and then making him play Smells Like Teen Spirit when he's even said he doesn't like how popular the song is just kind of makes me hate the choice to have him included in the game. And the fact that you can play as him on any song and he jumps around like a Glam Rocker and is a righty is just disgraceful. They should've made it like Jimi Hendrix was in GH:WT, where Jimi could play only his songs and none of the others. 
Overall I'm against having artists in these games anyway, dead or alive. It just doesn't feel right to me.

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A7x, Rage, Oasis & mostly Talking Heads = Amazing. Such a good week, even if I've never heard The Jam.

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  "Everything Zen"  by Bush   There is no sex in your violence baby!! "
Yes please. That's my favorite song by Bush.
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" Damage Inc by Metallica... Four Horsemen By Metallica(Both not in the game)  
^^^^^^^House of the rising sun would be pretty dam fun 
She Wolf MegaDeth 
All Along the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix-or- Angel,purple haze, voodoo child 
Eminence Front -The Who  
One Week-Barenaked Ladies 
Its The End of the World as we know it-Rem (You know why) 
:DMost of these bands have already had songs in either game though "
This is already DLC for Rock Band. 
I'd like the Animals, Megadeth, Barenaked Ladies and REM choices to come to the game eventually.
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" @Dipstick said:
" @Hobbies said:
" @Dipstick said:
"Why is it a waste? I enjoy mine,its so worth it not to miss stupid notes due to low sensitivity drum pads "
My Rock Band 2 drum kit never, ever drops notes, even with the little drum silencer pads attached. $300 for a video game drum kit is way too much. "
Eh,different strokes for different folks.  The rebound on the kits is also an issue I have with the rockband sets  You're pretty lucky with your set,ALL the rb1 and rb2 sets I've ever played on have drop notes here and there "
My Rock Band 1 set did do that after a few months, and eventually the red pad completely cracked, but I've had absolutely no complaints about the RB 2 kit. I guess I did get a little lucky since I have heard a handful of bad stories about even the RB 2 kit, though.
I wish I had your luck. I've had 1 Rock Band kit crap out on me, one RB2 kit crap out on me, and I've even had a RB2 kit with Goodwoods miss notes and overhit. At this point I've just given up on stock kits and I'm saving up for Ions, because this is just stupid.
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" Dead Star By Muse would be awesome!! We need more muse songs on RB2 having just hysteria is just not good enough  "
I'm glad someone recognized this song =) It's one of my favorites from Muse. I wouldn't mind getting Fillip either.
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I'm not going to lie, I sat here for a few seconds trying to think of a response to this. The only one that made sense that I could come up with was: Holy Shit.
This basically just squashed any interest I had in getting GH5. A Queen, Pantera, and Tom Petty Greatest Hits pack would make me extremely happy, and the remaining songs from Nirvana would be hardcore too. I also hope we get the same live version of "Lust for Life" that's in GH5, because that sounded pretty awesome from the previews I watched. 
Harmonix, I love you.

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I'd prefer it to be Help!, but Hey Jude would be my second pick.