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Not nearly enough people in here have voted for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd.

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@gunstarred said:

This looks really great. Another one to put on my list to prompt me into getting a Wii U.

The 3DS one is looking pretty ok too.

The 3DS version is being made by Dimps, so we already know it's not good.

Dimps can make good Sonic games when they have the time and budget for one. Sonic Generations 3DS was actually very rushed, at E3 2011 they had barely done enough work for the demo there.

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@Azteck said:

Just a question.. why are they still making Sonic games?

Because they make money.

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It's the HL2: Ep2 car, not the buggy. Anyway, this is pretty neat.

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Well, Sega didn't do a very good job informing people of this. First time I heard of that. :/

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I have been wondering this since last wednesday. SEGA never said that the Steam version would be delayed.

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If you aren’t signed in to an online GFWL profile, the offline mode has limited functionality. Obviously there’s no online play, access to replay channels or other online-centric features (and this is the part that keeps the online play secure from hackers or pirates). Additionally, you won’t be able to save any progress in challenges or settings, won’t have access to any DLC you’ve purchased and all local play will be restricted to 15 of the 39 characters.

Yup, not going to buy it except maybe if it gets on sale on Steam for less than 10 bucks now.
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