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It seems weird to switch hands on the mouse buttons because I'm used to attacking with a sword on the left mouse button on blocking with the right mouse button. I could make the switch for dual-casting, which makes a bit of sense, but I don't see a strong enough reason as to why I should.

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I was about to buy the new Deus Ex but I borrowed it from a friend and I realised how boring it is. I loved the original but the new one was just bad.

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@TheWalkingDemon: This may just be me, but I'd like them to improve the 3rd person combat and not make a huge jump into RPG elements. I think Mass Effect 2 benefited a lot by moving into more action-oriented gameplay.
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@Oscar__Explosion said:
It's easy to play older games that are in 2D, the polygonal games of the past are the hardest to go back to. 
Truer words have never been spoken. The old 2D games usually have a good art style and can survive on their gameplay. The old polygonal games just feel... old.
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I've already voted. I'm a card carrying member of the Liberal Party of Canada so I voted Liberal. My riding (Nanaimo-Alberni) is a Conservative stronghold so it's a little sad that my candidate has no chance of winning. 

As far as the polling goes, I'm taking it worth a grain of salt. Due to our first past the post system, it doesn't always transfer to the total number of seats.
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@CrazyChris said:
" Love it. "
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The Arcade Fire 
The Weakerthans 
TV on The Radio

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We need more games like VVVVVV or Alan Wake. They weren't long games, but they were really damn good.
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@Jack268 said:
" I know that android is great and all, but my experience with it the times I've used it has been horrible compared to the times I use my iphone.    The iphone may not have access to the plethora of apps that android has, but with ios, you know shit will work the way it's meant to. I also find having buttons reacting to touch that nearly melt into the screen on a lot android phones to be fucking stupid, but that's not an OS issue.  But to be frank, the apps I have for my phone are good enough. I don't think I'd be happier with an android phone. "  
I couldn't agree more.