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@stankit: is community a sitcom?

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I also played this game like crazy when I was a kid. I recently started playing again on an emulator, and the game actually pretty good. I also felt like I had to finish the game because I wasn't able to when I was young :').

I can recommend to download an emulator and play this game. It's worth your time.

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Do what you have to do.

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Yea, I played it for 15 minutes, and I had to chose all kind of things whether he was traumatized by all his friends getting killed and such.

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Yes, I was talking about the end, should have mentioned it. Then again I did not play ME 1 or 2, is it recommendable to play those two first? And about the game, I will probably play it anyway because I am an addicted curious little bugger!

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I've just started playing ME3, and I am wondering, is it worth playing? I am asking this because I am reading doom messages all over the internet! Should I stay in my nostalgia and keep playing digimon world, or should I start playing Mass Effect3, and find out for myself?

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Thanks for the comments, today I learned something.

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Are you people really that kind?! :D

But I still have the question, how do people get these keys? I would give away some keys once in a while I think, but how do I get them? Just buy a pack of the games, so you could give them to friends?

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Sorry for starting this topic, as I said, I am really n00b with forums and still have no idea what Giant Bomb is all about. But I think it's a cool site I would like to get part of the community.

Sorry for my ignorance, but show some love to the noobs.

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