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" Sounds great. Cept for the Zune branding. "

What's wrong with the Zune branding? 
I've never rented any movies on XBL, and I don't think I'm going to start anytime soon since I have Netflix and a PS3.
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Awesome, I'm all for more games with characters named Tim.

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Zombi and Kraftwerk

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Cool, its too bad that I already own both of these games on XBLA.

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That's pretty gross. I was actually just listening to an old GFW Radio from 2006, and they were talking about this very same thing happening to them.

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The other day I went by Vintage Stock and found a really nice boxed Acclaim Nintendo Double Player set. It still has the manual, warranty card, and advertisements inside of it, and the controllers are still wrapped in plastic. One of the controllers had 20 year old batteries in it that exploded some time ago, but I cleaned it up and it seems fine. The best part is that they were only $10. I saw a set there before that wasn't boxed and didn't look nearly as nice before for the same price. This was a really cool find, and one of the reasons why I love Vintage Stock. Sure, some of their stuff is kinda overpriced, but I have found some really cool shit for surprisingly cheap too.

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Finally! I lived Game Fuel! I've been drinking Amp Overdrive lately because I've been craving it again.

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Wow, seriously. Fuckin' hell UGO.

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If you want easy achievements its worth it.

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If you read up on the weird story a little bit before you play you probably will. I'm not completely caught up on the story and I'm loving this game. This game is really amazing, and is probably a game that every PS3 owner should have.