Oh my, I played a popular game..

The other night, despite my saying 'No' my pal rented Halo Reach..  
I myself do not play shooters, I tend to die, so I tend to not buy them..  I have Red Dead, and Army of Two, Fallout3, Mass Effect2 AND Borderlands..
But the popular Modern Warfare and Halo series are all games I never play, don't like'em never will..
But that one night, me and my pal cruised through Halo reach, and I enjoyed myself... You don't have to know much about the Halo series to play a prequel, and Halo reach is alot of fun, a nice action sci-fi series with enough stuff Happening to keep you interested, even if your so tired the thought of moving a body part seems like the most painful thing on earth..
So despite having a big distaste for the Halo series and its MASSIVE fans..    I had fun, and recommend this game to anyone. For at the very least a rent.
(no online multi for me, I dread that..)


Unachievable achievements for the underachieved.

I've been looking through my games now for a while and realize, so many of them I will never get all the achievements for. They have been put so high on the scale that the average player will never get them, which is good I suppose, it gives you goals to be better at the game, its just saddening.
And not just the online SUPER hard ones, I mean even the ones that require massive amounts of replay for a game, not worth the time..
 Oh well, we can only do what we can do, and thats finish a small game, like Scott Pilgrim.. damn finish the game with everyone >_<Scott


Wannabe Comci Artist looking for decent writer..

I've been drawing for a long time, always making better characters, and refining my skill.
But when I sat down to try and write something with the characters I had created, I drew a blank.. I am pretty sure, I can't write a damn thing...
So I started trying to scout my friends, which, some are writers, but are as lazy as I am, or want to give me too much from a job already done.
I am new at drawing FULL comics, I mostly just draw one person at a time, but I am willing to try a small project, I need a small story, well descriptive of some characters, and actions, enough to do a one page comic to kick off a series or something.. Maybe a few pages.
If anybody is interested in a small project let me know. I need some practice and doodling doesn't cut it.
If you want to see some more of my art, just go to 


Today, I would just like to share the music

I'm going to post some youtube links to some FUNtastic music I enjoy.
If you feel you remember something of a similar type I might enjoy, please feel free to post it, I appreciate every comment, and am surprised when I receive them.
I am also surprised that I can't spell worth a darn without spell check.
 Badass Kill BIll

Joker & The Theif - Wolfmother. Featuring, THE JOKER
The ShadowLand promo for Daredevil
GHOST IN THE SHELL - Lithium Flower                 
Joe Satriani - House full of bullets
Persona 3 - Burn my Dread
and lastly Just Communication, Gundam Wing
Thanks, and assume everything within the same categegory of the names I pitched I know. like Origa -Rise or White Reflection.     
Note I am newish to a site like this, I thought they would link themselves.. darn facebook for making things too easy..

Another day another ... oi work again?

I work rotating shifts at a plant, its not hard, but its soul crushingly boring, I am thankful to have a job, but god dam I wish I was a kid again, play games all night and day, without worrying about money and bills. Oh well.
I am currently JUST getting into DragonAge-Origins. I didn't buy it right off because I wasn't sure if I'd like the gameplay, and the footage of the game looked pretty crappy, but now that it was SLIGHTLY cheaper I picked it up, hated my human, made an Elf.
I have always been an addict for 3rd person action games, but not only making it an RPG, but having buttloads of VISIBLE equipment makes me happy. I even play a couple of facebook games that have cool equipment, like Dawn of the Dragons.. plug.
But overall... I have to go to work in 20 minutes. Enjoy.


To Infinity, then a cheat code.

The quest told me to do this, so I shall.
I'm an aspiring comic book artist, I have very little free time in which I stay awake. I like JRPGS, some of them @_@.  And I play as many third person action games I can get my hands on, but I'm picky about it, because assassins creed and Prince of Persia make me sick and dizzy..  My favorite RPG for now is Tales of Vesperia. I have higher ranking favs, but those are old school Chrono Trigger and such.