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Your lack of faith is disturbing.

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Crap crap crap, I was able to unlock multiplayer on my main character, but I was at work and in flight mode...I hit no on activating ad-hoc and online multiplayer... is there anyway to say Yes afterwards??? CRAP

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I was a lucky one, I only do most things once, and my Mass Effect 2 save went WELL, all survived first try, I couldn't believe my luck... But it didn't matter, most of your pals from ME2 barely help.. While other make grave sacrifices... I think I would have been OK if Samara had died in ME2, I never gave 2 craps about that story line, so in 3 during my renegade playstyle... I ended the Samara storyline, AND bloodline... what a dick move, but it was the only real way to make an impact on their lives.

I was just happy to keep Miranda and Garrus alive.

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If I don't get on the Star Wars bandwagon before PSO2 then star wars can rot ^_^

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Just wait a while, or call in the error number to microsoft.

I'm going to wait..

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Wow, from reviews I know the lack of HUD is irritating, and the urgency of the last 3hrs of gameplay are a nuisance, and are not fun... BUT
I think I still want to play it for the Fable experience.. 3rd person action games are what I want, even if there are some design issues...   at least the lack of HUD is unobtrusive.

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Whoops, thought the sprites would look realistic, silly me.. Ace story about the sound alike guy they have for Marty though!

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Almost a cool update, next.

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I need 2 more followers to finish that quest as-well.

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Cleaning up quests we are.. Red Dead Redemption is about all I am playing,