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I think I like playing the Run DMC version more, but I'm not sure which one I like better as a song. Also, OwnlyUzinWonHan said:

"Then I guess I'm a fake fan of music, because the  Run-DMC version of "Walk This Way" and "King of Rock" are the only songs I care about in that game.
Why is "Dream On" part of the second to last tier anyway?
Is the game really that easy?"
I beat the game on expert without failing a song in one sitting, I'm stuck in the last tier on GH3 on expert. Not saying I'm great, but it was pretty easy  =/
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I really wish i had some pancakes with strawberry topping, and bacon right about now. Or chocolate chip pancakes.

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Myspace has gotten so cluttered with shit  it's trying to advertise, that it slows my browser down.

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4+8+15+16+23+42 = 108

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Internetz, Mountain Dew, Planet Smoothie, WoW

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I lol everytime, at about 0:24 in
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The futon in my room or my couch in my living room.

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Used to use myspace because more people used it, but now that I got my friends to use facebook I use facebook more.

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The clouds and bush are the same. :O

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