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@tineyoghurt: Why would they make a steambox that is just PC components for your living room when people can either buy a PC or a console already? It's a totally ridiculous thing for valve to do. Microsoft and Sony take losses on their consoles and make up for it in software sales, why would valve incur losses on R&D and production of these 'steamboxes' when they are already making the money on software? All they would achieve in the long run is more headaches, an unnecessary bloating of their company and big losses financially. Valve has absolutely nothing to gain from making a console or PC for the living room.

First of, they don't have to make the hardware themselves, they can partner with any PC manufacturer to make it (like Google does with Android), so it wouldn't necessarily be such a headache for them (they just supply the specs and the OS and they're good to go). Also, I think (with Gabes talk about the Windows store in mind) that Valve want to push Linux in a bigger way than "hey, we ported the Source engine over, seeya", and a "console" based on Linux would probably get third parties more interested in porting their games over (if they sell). I even see them selling it for a loss just to get it out there, because as you say, they earn a lot of money on software.

In the end though, It just makes sense for me with all the talk about a "SteamBox" (for the record, I think they'd have to change the name), the coming Linux support, and the TV-mode; It just fits together, like a jigsaw puzzle.

But... I might be totally wrong.

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Man, I think Ryan is totally wrong about the "SteamBox". Why would Valve get into Linux if not to build their own system? I think the bearded guy pretty much nailed what it will be (an open source PC that runs "SteamBuntu" by default).

Other than that Ryan was pretty awesome after he got going.

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I think the car analogy is slightly misguided as renting a car either implies a recurring fee or a fixed time period, while "renting" (or buying) a game on Steam doesn't have any of these restrictions (but it has some other restrictions) . I think buying is a better term, but I agree it has a different meaning from when you go to the store and buy a sack of potatoes.

The way I rationalize it for myself is that Valve is in the business of keeping customers happy; and if they screw up, people will buy their games somewhere else.

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So, it has been a while since I played this game, and I barely managed to get a grasp of this game, but I'll try:

To start a war the attacker has to have some kind of claim, either to a territory or a title. In the war the attacker can attack any territory held by the other part, and vice versa. And the winner is the one who manages to take all of the enemies territories, or enough to make the enemy surrender. But the thing is, at the end of the war the only thing the attacker get (if he wins) is what he has laid claim to. And since you aren't the one pressing the claim, you don't get anything, except for a better relationship with your ally.

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Totally depends on the amount of caffeine and sugar I've had and lack of exercise (if my legs are all sore it won't happen no matter how much coffee I drink). So it is pretty much an early morning lecture thing for me.

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Xbox 360 - tineyoghurt

I mostly like rock (think The Who) but I can get down with most songs.

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With this thread being the third hit on google for "the walking dead save generator" I bet there isn't one. I myself effed up and thought this game had cloud saves, which it turns out it didn't. Guess I'll have to play through those episodes again (not that they're bad, but I found that last time when I tried replaying episode 1 it didn't branch as much as I thought it would).

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@John1912 said:

Is that really any worse the doing it in any other room? I would assume most the germs are from floor traffic. urine is sterile.

Urine is not necessarily sterile. To quote Wikipedia: "Urine is sterile until it reaches the urethra, where epithelial cells lining the urethra are colonized by facultatively anaerobic Gram negative rods and cocci." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urine#Composition)

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Mah dawg Balder, looking all dorky.

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Well Billy Mitchell, of course! Just look at that hair!