I just beat Sonic 1 and 2 this week. Here is what I think.

Well I just finished Sonic 1 and 2 and I can see now why these games were so popular as a kid when I didn't understand design concepts. The difference between the first and second are significant, but the second makes innovations that the first one didn't have. That's what sequels are supposed to do. Anyways I'm going to discussing what I thought about the games on there own merit, as well as compare the difference between the two. Let's Go!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Well I must say that Sonic the Hedgehog was a great game. It was in a time where Mario dominated the platforming genre, and brought something new and unique to the Sega Genesis. A mascot who is kid friendly, a challenging game, and levels that made you feel like you are traversing through the challenges that it brings you. The enemy designs, even though generic at times, were pretty good, and compared to Mario, the boss battles were way more involved instead of jumping on a koopa three times to go to the next level.

Hey! Its Not That Easy Damn it!

The only real gripe I have with the game is that the platforming would slow down to a crawl sometimes, as I feel that some of the level design made you wait to get to certain spots that you can't get quickly through. Especially the water zones. I HATE THOSE ZONES! You pretty much slow down to a crawl and hope you don't mess up on platforming or you going to get hit by an enemy and fall back down to the bottom of the level. You better hope you have some air bubbles down at the bottom or you going to start that zone over again.

Y u no like me Sonic!

I give the game credit though. It makes you feel accomplished when you get past each level. That is what a game should do. It should make you feel like, "Hell Yea! I just passed the shit out of this level." Only to find out that you got the next level which is harder, which is a good thing. It makes you feel like you beat this level with your current skill, and here is a next level that will test that skill and make you acquire more skill in the process. When I beat Dr. Robtnik (Or was it Eggman in this game?), I felt satisfied that I got through the game. Sure the game was short once you really look at it, but back then not many kids could brag about beating Sonic. It was a tough game. I sure as hell didn't beat it when I had the game. I just enjoyed the fact that I had the game and was trying to beat it. Somewhere along the line I just gave up, snatched the game on the console, through it down on the ground and started to get my Office Space on.

This always seem like the smart thing to do.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Now Sonic 2 was a big incremental jump from the first one. Everything seemed more fluid, the pace was faster, the stages you had to run through were shorter, and you had more of them to complete. Also it seemed to make some cohesive sense as your not just passing through random stages. Your starting on the ground chasing Eggman (I'm just going to consider it's Eggman right now) and each level you are trying to stop him, until you reach the final stage which is in space. Talk about an epic journey.

Why am I floating away from the ship?

Well as with Sonic 1, I do have some minor gripes, but none of them effected me from completing the game. For example, where the hell did Tails originate from? I for one, back as a kid, didn't know there was lore on Sonic. So when I saw this yellow fox accompanying me on missions, I'm like, "Why the hell are you here?" I believe they just added him to have a flying scene in sonic where you stand on the plane that he is flying, but after that scene you don't see your buddy again. You are on your own, and have to fight the final battle by yourself.

Why didn't Tails just jump out the plane and fly back up?

Well that's really my only gripe. Sonic 2 did everything right on improving the formula it had, and made you feel like the total speedy badass you are. You can pretty much run through the levels as quick as possible, and not have those slow crawl downs you did in Sonic 1. Also the boss battles were more detailed and varied from the first one. When I stared down the mechanical clone that was right in front of me, I knew I had made it to the final battle. If Eggman can't beat Sonic with his crazy creations, why not build a robot version of the damn blue hedgehog who has been destroying millions of dollars of research and development?

If all else fails, you could just blow up the space station and escape as he was battling Mecha Sonic. You know why Eggman didn't think of that? He had to much damn pride in his own creations. He couldn't see himself destroying his own creations. But when you keep getting beat by a blue hedgehog, you got to resort to desperate measures.

Hello, Ted Turner? I need you get me Captain Planet! Now!

Dudly FTW!

I want Dudly to be in the game simply because it would be a good rivalry for Barlog, and Dudly is more bad ass imo.


I was entertained for the most part.

Jack Black did an awesome job as the host. He was way better then Sam from last year. Some of the skits were kind of long and boring, like when Jack Black was announcing Brutal Legend. It took freakin forever to see a damn trailer for that game. Other then that I did like all the exclusive trailers that were shown at the VGAs, but please do not bring anymore super models to speak about video games. Sure they are hot, but seeing them stumble over simple sentences is an embarrasment to itself. Try to bring women over at G4TV who talk about video games all the time to announce awards and other attractions. They are attractive and have a brain. A double threat in my opinion.