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I was just thinking last night about this and how I was dreading having to think about it. As usual the other members of GB have put perfectly into words what I think. Anytime I think about the loss of someone I think of that Chris Cornell song "Wave Goodbye". I hate to say that I hope it gets easier for you if it means losing touch with those memories, so perhaps I can just hope that instead you'll somehow maintain them only without the feelings of profound loss. I also wish I could say something more that would be helpful, but I too feel that I don't have the words.

You said "I can only hope to live a life that touches as many people as those two did. If I do a fraction of what they did, I’ll be happy." and I'd just like to say that I think you are well on your way sir, I don't think you'll ever have to worry about that. Best wishes to you @patrickklepek

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Great article Patrick, also thanks for including Douglas Wilson's article it was great to read especially after watching Bananasaurus Rex's over 3mil score run. I like seeing a community of people dedicated to these things and being able to watch it and feel like I'm getting to be a part of something even though I don't have as much time to play as I'd like or watch the streams live all the time or anything like that.

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Gamestop has always been shit. I worked there for just under 10 years, I was lucky that I started when I did though, which was back when it was Babbages Etc. They never were a great place to work and have only gotten exponentially shittier since I started back in '98. I worked with a number of different women there (in fact was hired by one) and all of them were treated horribly. I remember the woman who hired me told me one of the reasons she hired me was because I "was the only guy who applied that didn't stare at her tits the whole interview". Sad. And that isn't even talking about any of their business practices. I really do hope they are on their way out with all of the changes in the way games are bought these days.

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@rorie Wow that is very interesting as everyone else on here has said, and also you do write very well. Also please thank @patrickklepek for putting this in the Worth Reading which is where I saw it, as I don't generally have/take the time to look at stuff in the forums very often at all.

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Did anyone hear them talk about being close to the podcasts you listen to and mention Ryan Davis thanks to a fellow Bombcast/Sklarbro listener write a letter on this weeks Sklarbro Country?! I thought that was great and it is good to know there are other crossover Bombcast/Sklar listeners. It is great to always hear about how much even short interactions can affect you with people. I just thought it was really great that not only did someone write in to them to talk about it, but that they read it and talked about those things that help you through life and how grateful we are for the things everyone puts out there.

For those interested this is Ep 157 and it's at around 57 minutes in:

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Well another condolence out of over 4500 seems almost meaningless. But I think all I (or anyone) can really say is that I'm deeply sorry for (all of) your loss(es). I know all of the bombcrew will miss him more than any of us, and it's obvious by all of the stuff I've seen on the internet today that all of is will miss him a whole lot.

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So is this going to mark the 1st Castlevania game where we actually get to play as Dracula?

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I thoroughly enjoyed Darksiders when it came out and I played through it, and I'm really looking forward to playing number II. I also really enjoyed this interview, thanks Scoops.

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Was your 1st interaction with a member of the giant bomb community positive or negative? Tell me a story about it.

Also what feature of the site did you find that you thought was the coolest or most interesting?

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it's just me figuring out how to use the site more, and trying something out. But I'm sure their are going to be grumpy people making a fuss.

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