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Beer is saying "Messrs" not "Ms." (in that lengthy quote)

I hate *grammar correcting* but that really stuck out

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More Ultima Online in 2013!

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Already preparing myself for a disappointing lack of Spelunky, Hotline Miami and Super Hexagon. 3 of the absolute funnest games ever

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Excellently stated, Patrick. Very well done article

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@Wrighteous86 said: 

The only way things improve is by dragging them out in the open. If we just ignore the problem or stop discussing it, it just continues to grow and get worse. I'm sure plenty of people in the '60s didn't want to talk about racism either. People 20 years ago didn't want to discuss homophobia. While those problems still exist, you bet your ass they have been lessened due to public discourse and the media. Most kids growing up today don't see anything wrong with dating someone of another race, or having a friend who happens to find the same sex attractive. That's partly because people talked about it and didn't just "shut up" because it made people uncomfortable.

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I may be the only person in the world with this opinion, but I really enjoyed Leigh's infamous appearance on the E3 Bombcast! By contrast, I found the Mega 64 guys to be far more annoying, and much less entertaining. Opinions, eh?

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@Wilshere said:

I am a girl and i can't stand for myself, protect me silly boys!

People are surprised when they find out that a girl plays video games. So sexist!

Hey congrats on completely missing the point and sounding like a total jerk. Nailed it!
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@Deusx said:

Find a better way to help the world get rid of sexism. A twitter hash tag isn't going to do shit.

They are broadcasting their opinions to thousands of people across the world. Do you have a better suggestion? 
You can't simply dismiss raising awareness through social media as pointless, whatever your personal views on hashtags may be
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@AlexanderSheen said:

I bet this hashtag movement will be remember for the end of time! Or like... for two weeks. If you want to change something, then stop posting fucking messages on the internet and actually do something about it.

As someone already pointed out, raising awareness for an issue is definitely considered to be "doing something"
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@phaggotlast said: 

I tell people to suck my dick, regardless of gender. It doesn't make you any special that you are a female.

Can you even get wood? You sound like you're about 13 years old... 
Just kidding! Please don't call me a tumblrcunt