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Whenever you see something like this it's because the devs are sitting in the triage meeting staring at the critical bug count going. Well crap, we hadda call management.

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Ads for mobile games are a common thing it seems. And yes, now that I'm playing, I've pretty much just stopped playing all games, and I've just played this everyday for the the past 10 months.

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It's like Zuckerburg sees the end of Facebook coming really really soon, and is buying anything, ANYTHING, even remotely social so he'll have a business after Facebook. Smart move on his part I guess, cuz the cracks are staring to show.

I mean I don't even get it. What does Oculus have to do with social media? I guess he's diversifying, moving into other things like Google moved past search?

I also think everyone freaking out like little children are being dumb. All the essential acquisitions that Facebook has bought, have been mostly left alone. Like Instagram. This is not a case of buying to dismantle the company and get the talent.

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I understand the need to bundle it with a controller, but at this point there are four USB based controllers out there in abundant supply made by companies that are devoted to hardware. Hell, the Sony ones are Bluetooth already. Unless you're going to make something crazy like the Steam controller, why not just put a gigantic sticker on the box that says "Buy a real controller, goddammit"?

Because they don't want to encourage sales competition, of course. Which is in itself a paradoxical concept considering that Amazon built its business on retail merchandise including video game hardware. I have to wonder what the console makers are thinking about Amazon's move into the game hardware space.

Maybe it's more that it would be ridiculous to sell a games console without a controller. A machine's controller is one of biggest pieces of branding.

The space got crowded fast though. Now there are two consoles, by this time next year, there'll be five. Valve's rejiggered PCs, and Amazon's and Google's rejiggered phone/tablet things.

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From The Verge: http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/14/5507924/amazon-set-top-box-game-controler-photo-leak

The whole design of it looks like the back of the Kindle Fire HDX. Very angular. It stands out but is not my favorite thing. Thing is I never have to look at a Kindle Fire HDX's back, just the screen which looks fantastic. This doesn't look great, but I guess that doesn't matter. If it feels good, and has good build quality, then maybe its worth Jeff begrudgingly purchasing and then bemoaning on the podcast.

Android video game consoles are not a thing, why do people keep trying to make them a thing? I guess the answer is already self evident. Video games are the killer app of the living room computer (like cellphones for the pocket which erased every other kind of pocket computer), so if you want to build a living room computer, it has to at least try and do video games properly. And if you made it android, it would come with a bunch of apps and games already. Even if those games are crap in the living room.

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@joeyravn: the ouya has an ARM CPU in it, and Windows, Mac, Linux and Steam on those platforms all run x86 and you need those things running on the box doing the streaming, so nope, can't stream with this.

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Simple solution to a simple problem. I like it.

What's hilarious about this is that, they said they would never do preview coverage on the site, and yet now because of early access as a trend, games are being sold as public unfinished previews, and they're forced to do preview coverage again.

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