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Posted by TipTipTipaRoo

Looking to switch it up at the bar, stupid cherry bombs are getting old and so is just ordering whatever is on special.. 

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Haven't been to a bar (I'm 19), so I mostly just get Aristocrat vodka and whatever liqour my friends have. recently I had Bacardi 151 which was pretty tasty, and very strong.

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I know this doesn't help, but it was something mixed with orange juice. Then again, after pre-gaming with Georgi Vodka, I bet most anything would've tasted great.

Posted by antivanti

I had a shot called "Killer Shot Special" once. I think it was something like this. It was layered. The first thing you taste is tequila. Then to get rid of the tequila taste you get Tabasco and then to help against the spicy hot tabasco you get... egg liqueur. 
Probably not something you order because it's good but to be able to say you did.

Posted by TipTipTipaRoo

Lol well I appreciate it guys :) BTW @BionicMonster: I used to bartend at an Italian restaurant and our well vodka was Aristocrat was some nasty stuff. And 151 is only "good" if you've had a bad day or you're too drunk to feel the stinging in your mouth, esophagus, or stomach.. You're crazy! Lol i hope you have fun on your 21st. @Vonocourt: Could have been some flavored vodka -shrug- but yea, a lot of things go well with OJ

Posted by TipTipTipaRoo
@antivanti: Lol its like a modified Prairie Fire. If you're looking to get some revenge on some of your friends ask them if they want to be a Stuntman. Usually it work when they've been drinking a little bit already, but nonetheless it's pretty funny to say that you've done it and get other people to try to get their friends to do it. ANYWAY, order a shot of Tequila, maker sure they bring lemons and a salt shaker, it's not necessary for them to salt the rim of the glass and I'll explain why. Lick your finger to get it wet and sprinkle the salt on your finger so theres a gooooood amount on there. Cheers your friends, slam the shot, SNORT the salt off your finger and squeeze the lemon in your eye. AND THEN make them do it! :D I've had to tell my friends before hand that if they don't do it correctly they're buying the shots for everyone or at least mine just to ensure they'll do it but it usually gets a few laughs