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ALRIGHT-- there are a ton of game trailers out there obviously.. but theres always those trailers that you see every once in awhile that you'll never forget. Im talking about those trailers that once you see, you're instantly counting down the days until it comes out or go out and buy that game immediately! 
So, on that note.. I'd like to share a few of my favorites that should get some recognition :) 
By far one of my favorites, has a great song that totally captures the mood of the game! I'm typically not a fan of third person games on top of the hack and slash stuff but I cant say hands down that this is by far the reason why my opinion changed on that subject. I actually went out and bought the poem/book 'The Inferno' after playing this game, was pretty upset to find out that the main story is completely different (BEATRICE), but nonetheless, a great game and a great trailer.  

As far as 1 goes, If anyone is a fan of Donnie Darko, you should like this trailer. The song along is so moving and instantly makes you feel bad for this guy almost :( I was definitely intruiged even though (AGAIN) its a TPS.. still bought it.. still loved it :) THE SECOND trailer on the other hand totally made me tear up, GOW had me at hello and then when I saw GOW2 trailer.. I knew I was gonna have to buy it.. poor dom :(  

I still get goosebumps when I see this trailer.. Im a huge HALO3 fan so maybe I'm a bit bias with this one, but feel free to disagree. I thought this trailer was extremely well done. Given it doesn't really explain much about the game itself, I guess neither did GOW, but WHATVER who the fuck cares seriously, when its a sequel or the third part in a series you really shouldn't have to explain anything. LOVE THIS ONE 
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@astrotriforce:  NOW If you were to have posted something like this a couple years ago I probably would have started laughing at you and telling you to gtfo BUT I actually went to a concert that For Today was playing at and went a spent the money and got their single.. LOVED THAT SHIT.. then i looked up the lyrics and it was all about god and what not. kinda bothered me at first but they totallly rock, same with war of ages. Im not trying to say that i'll go and look for Christian metal bands for this fact because it still doesn't make any sense to me.. seems completely contradictory but whatever.. for today and war of ages are badass :) 
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@SaFt:  haha yes :) I saw parkway drive a couple times and the last time i went, my best friend got spartan kicked by this chick that was wearing a dress (at a metal show in downtown detroit), i mean YEAAA  we were laughing at her but she seriously pulled a ...
..Right in the vagina.. GREAT show though, won't ever forget it >P
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@yakov456: Interesting, haha wouldn't have expected them to be Japanese
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@Phog_of_War:  Love this song!!!
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@SaFt: I love horse! 
Just throwing this out there everyone who hasn't heard of Parkway Drive, I think some of you guys will enjoy it. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone so far.. keep em comin
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@Phog_of_War: hell yes all over this
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@ch13696:  LOVE dethklok got to go to one of their concerts :)
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@Vital: Cool shit :)  
 I don't mind power metal at all, those guys are awesome :)