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Good recommendations for sure! ^_^

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@cornbredx: I see... Well, sorry to hear about the loss of your dad and I'm glad you haven''t gone crazy like I did and can cope with it well.

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@cornbredx: How recently has it been, and how are you coping? If you don't mind me asking.

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@pie said:

@tireyo said:

@pie said:

Nintendo Defence Force activate!

Well fuck me! You're still here and not banned yet? XD (Joking)

Whatever, they're making me a mod soon I think

Well, you haven't changed a bit! LOL!

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@hatking: I don't believe so. It wouldn't matter if it was.

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@pie said:

Nintendo Defence Force activate!

Well fuck me! You're still here and not banned yet? XD (Joking)

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@believer258: I would remember you. Didn't you have a podcast at some point? I remember you doing a podcast. Maybe it was someone else- so many of us regulars have done at least one by now it seems haha. I would remember your name, though. You've been round these parts a while now and your username name sticks out to me for some reason.

@tireyo: thank you for being understanding of the way I tend to respond. Glad I didn't come off wrong. Like someone else here said, though, I do hope everything is going better for you. I do recall you mentioning personal life stuff although I don't remember what it was.

No problem. By the way, the big one was losing my dad 2 years ago and I went crazy afterwards. I'm ok now with that. And the asexual thing, which now has changed! ;-D Perhaps you might recall the better side of me when I posted a video game and anime jukebox with a couple of other folks. If not, it don't matter. It's all in the past now.

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@fattony12000: Howdy! =-D

@hatking: Same here. I remember a comment or two from you as well.

@mocbucket62: Read what I said to Slag.

@arbitrarywater: Alright!

@cornbredx: I appreciate your honesty regardless. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea.

@rotnac: Thanks.

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Your name was more numerical before. Also, you post a bunch on that Miiverse thing I'm rarely on these days.

So the short answer is yes.

I'm getting real bored of miiverse. Too many kids on there.

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Reading the title I thought, "I doubt I do", but sure enough I've remembered you. The avatar was the main indicator, but yes I do in fact remember your blogs and that your username began with a T! It sounds like things are looking up for you, so congrats on pushing through tough times; I hope things are well. Edit: Though, it is a little strange to say "remember you", as you never really stopped posting completely, it's just been a lot less frequently than it used to be.

I don't remember you, but thank you. You're correct on the frequency of posts.

I remember seeing your name and avatar combo quite a bit. As I recall, you posted about some personal issues a few times - a father dying, I think, and other troubles going on in life.

I also think you did a few anime reviews, with tobbrobb I believe.

Sometimes I wonder if other posters would remember me if I left for a year.

I remember you too! I'm somewhat shocked that you know a few specifics of what I've done. =-P It looks like you got why I did this post for! So it's not completely pointless.

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All I can say is stay away from the Nissan Versa, and buy used.