A very pathetic list of my top 10 of 2013.

It hasn't been the best year for me in games and lifewise, but I managed to play a few good games that were released this year. Some games on my list weren't exactly released this year, but I didn't get to play them till this year. Remember, I do not have a playstation or xbox. I only have the Nintendo systems (though I wouldn't mind having a PS4).

Games that might have made the cut if I had played them

Pikmin 3

Super Mario 3D World

Bit Trip Runner 2

Mighty Switch Force 2

List items

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Posted by Pie

Nintendo Defence Force up in here

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@pie: I'd say it's a pretty weak defense force.

Posted by Pie
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@pie: What's wrong? Just thought the list could be better, thats all!

Posted by Trilogy

Hey duder! Just stopping by to check out your list. Our lists only have one game in common, but it's a really great one.

I should really pick up Luigi's Mansion.

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@trilogy: Luigi's Mansion can easily be overlooked by the many great games that have came out this year. Even if it didn't make any other GOTY's, it's still worth playing in my opinion. If you have any questions or need to know anything about the game, feel free to PM me.