Wish List for Virtual Console Releases.

This is a list of games that I would like to see on Virtual Console.

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Posted by thebipsnbeeps

good list, good list. Are you sure Star Fox isn't on Virtual Console yet? I'm just thinkin it should by now (I know for sure Star Fox 64's on there. I don't have internet for my Wii, though, so I'm most likely wrong). Also, if you can't wait for Rayman 2 to get on the Virtual Console, try to find the PS2 version of it somewhere. It's called Rayman 2 Revolution. Just a lil heads-up for that. 
Also, y'know what? Earthbound just needs to re-released. I'm pretty positive the demand will be there. What's there to worry about? Super Mario RPG was released on the virtual console, and that game costs freaking hundreds on eBay. Also, Chrono Trigger is freaking 35 bucks on the DS! What's up!? What is up? /end-rant.

Posted by Tireyo
@thebipsnbeeps: Well thank you for the comment! It was surely unexpected. Starfox 64 is indeed available for Virtual Console. Starfox, however, is not available, and I agree that it sould be released already. Also, I do not have a Playstation 2, so I'll have to wait.
I know myself that Earthbound needs to really be released. It's just all in due time. I might even get it because it's supposed to be quite a gem. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a wonderful game. I actually got it and beat it. The only thing I probably haven't done is find Colex, or whatever his name is. = - P I think that Chrono Trigger is really past due for release on the VC if you ask me. Nintendo is just wanting more money by selling the DS version. = - P