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Probably my fucking favorite. This fucking thing is fucking quality.

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I'm Down,

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Just gonna say it, we live in non-euclidean space, so by definition it's basically true whatever the salespitch is.

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Most reviewers cater to an audience, if they know their crowd well enough they'll make sure to note things they'll know their audience will notice.

This thread is a 7/10 - Would read again.

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I went back and listened to all when I started frequenting the site. Of course that was a lot less, about 300 less, but I think the majority is worth sitting through. The E3, pre E3 podcasts are often the best ones, but in general they're all pretty amazing. you should go back and listen to the infamous E-shop run. It's great.

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@ztiworoh: Thanks. I'll make sure I go to this when I visit new york next year. Hopefully it'll still be up

Edit: Also did you get to keep the mask?

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I love the fact that you didn't give any indication of what kind of champ you're playing. Heavy strength 2H-greatsword? Magic sword? pyro/sword? pyro/magic? dagger or scimitar? leather armor? havel's armor? what rings? what's the spec?

It'd be like asking how to raid in wow, without ever telling anyone what class you are. Play style is super dependent on that shit.

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You have forced my hand.

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Pretty psyced about Netsky and some of the starkey stuff, been fucking hooked on that "style" of electro for the last 2 weeks.

Also KNOWING NOTHING about Formula 1, I think the dude who wrecked was at fault obviously. The people driving formula 1 cars are all bitches though so that's not surprising.

Awesome Fez poster, what does it say in the lower right corner btw? I know it's "that text" but I don't have the patience to decipher it.