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My Pretty Wordy List

Coming into this year I figured it'd be a bit of a down year, didn't have much I was looking forward to. I think ultimately it turned out to be one of my favorite years in a while though, as someone who keeps absurd track of what comes out. I kept a running list throughout the year of what I had played and there are 20-30 games I could have included, big or small. Also my first PC-heavy year in a very long time. It was a lot of fun. And there are still a ton of games I'm excited about that I never got to, so it could prove to be even better for me.

I don't like that there are weirdo overlap games; Kentucky Route Zero is something that struck a big chord with me earlier this year but the second episode took so long to come out that I decided I'll just wait until it's done...... which might be like 2016 at this rate. :\

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Yeah, I'm having the problem where I can't move items around on lists. I can edit descriptions of items, and I can also add and remove items at the bottom of lists, but otherwise I can't seem to do anything.

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  1. Super Metroid
  2. Shadow of the Colossus
  3. Tetris DS

This is the most satisfying mix I've come up with; it feels slightly weird to not include a nostalgic PS1 RPG but these three games are all pretty important to me so I'll stick with them. This is a pretty dope list idea by the way, do you plan on just maintaining it for the foreseeable future or did you have an end date in mind?

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If anyone has a spare guest pass I could really go for one. I just worked through the Torchlight II beta and I'd like to see what it's like in comparison [having never really played anything in the Diablo series].

I can't promise a poem though. :(

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Aside from HD I don't think there's any serious difference at all. I've been playing the Wii version and the controls are simple enough that a sideways Wii remote works well. The aesthetic is also still quite beautiful. Having played the demo for the 360 version I feel comfortable saying you will be absolutely fine picking up the Wii version.

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As someone who really likes Enslaved I'm kind of relieved that we probably won't see a sequel to it. I don't know what a sequel would add for me other than mechanical refinements.

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To speak to Blockbuster's service--I've been a member since last September, been splitting it with two other people for the three disc plan [which was 18 dollars at the time so we're grandfathered in]. I'm someone who looked to the service as a great way of playing a lot of older games and [eventually] newer stuff, which is to say I wasn't going to feel bad if I couldn't get new releases in their first week or even month.

First of all, if you don't have a Blockbuster near you I don't think it makes a lot of sense in the long run, especially if you want to rent newer stuff. They don't allow you to rent multi-disc games at all, and you can't rent a new game within about three months of release, not because of availability but because Blockbuster straight up won't let you. As of tomorrow you can rent Red Faction: Armageddon on the service, and next week you can start renting Madness Returns, for example.

I had a great run with the service for a long time, but at this point most of the games in our queue are on at least short or long wait--50 out of the 130 titles we currently have on the queue are listed as "available" and the list spans the entire 360 library as far as years pretty much. I rarely get games on short wait shipped to me, which is really frustrating. I ended up with a game that was approximately 20 slots down on my queue--Singularity--and I've yet to play it because I didn't really plan on playing it right now, but there aren't many games that excite me enough to just ship it back. Also most of those "available" games are games my roommate is interested in, so that doesn't really help.

It's probably an okay alternative to GameFly, especially if you have a store nearby since you can bring your rentals to the store and they'll scan them and automatically get the next available game shipped to you. They also appear to have more shipping facilities than GameFly which I've heard is a big problem with that service. At this point though Blockbuster only feels competitive in terms of pricing and proximity, not really anything else, so Qwikster is sounding really appealing to me right now depending on what that price ends up being.

I haven't tried renting DVDs from Blockbuster as I also have a Netflix account but... I have a feeling Qwikster is going to be better about DVDs, just as a guess. Hope that helps any of you out who were curious about Blockbuster.

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My real name is goddamned terrible so I never use that. Typically I'll use Tiz since it fits in the majority of games. For whatever reason in Persona 3 and 4 since they have you make a first and last name I used a random name generator online and eventually came to Cheerio Panhead.
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I think reviews in the minority will always look like the "sane" reviews only in the sense that they stick out so people will notice them more. Another problem though is in thinking Jim's review of the game is negative though. Jim's got his problems with the game but he still recommends that people check it out, and as an XBLA title there is a free trial so if anything the perception of a 6.5 as a "bad" score seems to be the problem. Yes, it sucks that there are people who are potentially so caught up in a single website that they'll use a 6.5 as a reason to not buy a game that they might actually enjoy or potentially even check out the trial for, but I don't think that's Destructoid's fault. People suck, I guess?
Off-topic I guess, but Is there any particular reason that people would say Destructoid is a trolling site other than Jim's pretty abrasive personality? Statistically they don't seem to rate that differently from Joystiq or Gamespot, and their average rating, despite praising the full use of the 10 point scale, is actually higher than IGN's, if I'm to believe Metacritic anyway. They also seem to give the majority of "blockbuster" games high or at least positive marks; the biggest [and only] exception I can think of is Assassin's Creed 2. If they're reviewing games for attention I don't think they're doing a very good job at it...

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This is probably the most excited I've been for a pack in years. I'm a pretty regular Rock Band DLC customer but the joy of seeing five Yes songs is something I haven't felt since possibly that monstrous Who pack in 2008. With all these arcade games coming out though I haven't even picked up any of the Soundgarden stuff from last week so I'm falling behind. :( 
EDIT: Only thing that bums me out is I don't really like Owner of a Lonely Heart at all but it'd be kind of stupid to not get it with the pack since [1] it could be nice for the now-rare Rock Band parties and [2] the difference between buying the other four songs and buying the pack is 50 cents.

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