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It was only my second week watching but NXT is becoming my favorite wrestling show to ever watch. That mixed tag match was just on a crazy level, I don't know about Ohno losing after all the hype around him but whatever, tag team match was okay and how about that Bo Dallas Invitational! I will definitely keep watching.

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Love the new belt design! Let's see if I can get back into this competition.

Q1: Even

Q2: No

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@papercut: the worst part of it was that as soon as they hit the ground, Aries had to grab Styles' arm and place it on top of himself so that there was some semblance of a cover made. It was a bad finish and it was executed really poorly, which is a shame because up until that point, it was pretty amazing

don't forget the part where the ref almost counts three but stops then counts three as aries gets his shoulder up. Weird ending to what looked like a great match (on the YouTube version anyway).

Also, Tito Ortiz huh? I'll say I didn't see that coming but knowing that he and Rampage were about to fight made all the more dirtier. Using TNA as a way to romote your shitty MMA promotion, okay Spike TV.

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New thread huh? I digs it! Bring on the WRESTLING!!

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PS3: WR311

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What a RAW huh? Great crowd, Ziggler finally cashed in, dat Fandango theme and Orton forgot his line!

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Forgot to post my predictions because of work. Missed WrestleMania because of work. I just "watched" (entrances, finishes, skimmed through match) through some streams. My thoughts? It was a very bland WM so it gets a Meh...

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I'm gonna make my predictions later but first, Mr. McMahons #BigReveal

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I really want to like Aces and Eights guys. I wasn't watching WCW at the time of nWo and stuff so I can't compare it to that, other than people saying it's sort of the same but I don't see it that way. It sounds like nWo had people just joining to join where A&8 was already planned out. It still doesn't excuse the fact that they lose all of their matches but I really guess I really like factions. I don't know, someone tell me what I'm missing or something...

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@papercut said:

This social media Taker is kinda freaking me out.

Undertaker to promote himself going into Wrestlemania with his self made web series: T! True Death Valley Story.

I'm assuming you got the "I have risen." text too. It freaked me the fuck out!