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I didn't buy or play Assassin's Creed Unity because of the reviews and issues it had. But I still want to play a good Assassin's Creed game, maybe Victory will be it? This time next year it will be two years since Black Flag. I for one will be ready to get back in at that point.

Think back to the Black Flag announcement. Everyone rolled their eyes because of the game play and story telling of Assassin's Creed III. But Black Flag took everyone by surprise by actually being pretty good. Let's hope the same thing happens with Victory. This time a new studio is leading the project. I'm willing to give them a fair shake.

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As a free good will gesture for the Unity debacle with any luck.

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@aimlessaj: Top man! I wasn't able to listen to the full trip so thanks for this.

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Patrick, you are a worthy addition to the GB team if ever I saw one. hearts and kisses

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I like the new look. It has elements of GB and Polygon which to my mind, must only be a good thing. Still I can't see myself coming anywhere but GB for my gaming needs. GB with a bit of Eurogamer on the side that is.

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I still think of you every day and every time I listen or watch anything the crew does. Missing you like mad Ryan.

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The points reports on Gamespot don't appear to play anymore. Does anyone know if they're archived anywhere else?

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Half-life 3. Coming exclusively to SteamOS.

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Scoops indeed! That's 7 days earlier than PS4 in the UK.

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I have bought loads of stuff from shopto over the years, it's a good site. Preorders normally arrive the day before release too which is a bonus. I have a ps4 preordered with them.