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I don't understand why so many fans are getting their knickers in a bind over this; change is good. The only thing I don't get is why it's a Wii/Wii U exclusive title since there's much better hardware floating around at there.

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@Meowshi said:
The amount of money Bethesda pays you.  
Lord knows I probably won't need any money to give Skyrim a good review. It looks like it's coming along just fine and it's also my most anticipated title this year.
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I've started a new job as game webzine editor and I wanted to get the skinny from you guys on what elements you consider essential to a "great" game review. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I also wrote a review for Limbo ( and some suggestions about how I could improve that review would also be nice.  Thanks in advance! 

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I'm looking forward to finally getting my hands on Catherine (pun intended). I work in an office full of games and the only copy we have at the moment is the Korean version! T-T

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Thanks for this article.  My thoughts exactly; "wtf?"

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@CaLe: Yep, that's me!
@Seraphim:  Awesome!  Thanks for the warm welcome.  :)
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@Zithe: Funny enough, I started that endurance run before I even signed up.  Good stuff!
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After I found out Jeff Gerstmann, my personal hero in the gaming media industry, was one of the lead developers of Giant Bomb, I just had to get in on the action.  I'm just sorry I joined the party so (fashionably?) late.