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I'm going to miss Nintendo hardware if it goes away :-(

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Goodbye and thanks for everything Ryan.

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Firefox 3.6.8
Windows 7 Ultimate
If I use the active bookmark feature in Firefox the headlines get malformed for some chars.   
" look like "
' look like '
& look like &
If I look at the source code of the page it for example looks like this
"Here's Footage Of Sonic Colors In Action" in a headline.

In the example the ' char is escaped twice.
from:  "Here's Footage Of Sonic Colors In Action" 
to:  "Here's Footage Of Sonic Colors In Action"
to:  "Here's Footage Of Sonic Colors In Action"

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Character Niko in Zelda appears -1 times, strange

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 It looks like Jeff has a shopping problem. Might be good to stop before its gone to far. 

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The music in the clip was really irritating when trying to hear what was said.

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Hi, I cant switch to full screen when watching videos in this version of the site. I'm using Firefox 3 and Flash 9 on Vista 32bit