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Never forgotten.

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I would just start PT2 right away so you can level up faster.  Anything else you need to accomplish will be easier when you're leveled up.  Plus the DLC will be easier if you're higher in level

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Are you looking for someone to boost you, or play at your level??

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@Supermarius: Yes, I'm fully aware that playthrough 2.5 is not a term that Gearbox has ever made official. I've also seen the term Playthrough 2+.
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@DeF:  Moxxi doesn't net you many exp. since killing guys in it gives you not exp, only exp for completing the missions, which still isn't much.  But you do get an extra skill point per playthrough.  Knoxx will give you tons of exp. and is the most fun in my opinion.  Fighting Crawmerax with a friend will net you lots of exp.  Getting from 61 to 69 took me only a few hours playing crawmerax.
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@DeF: You might need to play more if you didn't get to level 50 yet.  Or you just want to find better weapons and just kill things that isn't super easy.
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@DeF: They just call it playthrough 2.5 because it's not quite a 3rd playthrough, but the enemies are higher level and the item/weapon drops are higher level.  So you're getting half of another playthrough.
 Scroll down to Playthrough 2 Advanced Play 
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@TitsMcGee:  Playthrough 2.5 starts after you see the credits for the main game or the DLC on playthrough 2.  It's just higher level enemies and weapons/item drops.  It does not reset the levels.
And regarding Borderlands Wikia ( , most of it applies to 360 and PS3 versions as well.
But perhaps I misunderstood you completely.
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WOOHOO!!!  Thanks for the update!  Going to Xbox now!!

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@andy said:
" We're still pulling the updated data. Things are looking good though. I suspect we'll be able to turn everything back on very soon now. "
HURRAY!!  Looking forward to it.  Didn't realize how much I rely on it was gone!