This Year’s Batch of DADIU Games – 6 Free Student Games

I doubt that many of you have ever heard of DADIU – The Danish Academy of Interactive Digital Entertainment. The DADIU program is a collaboration between many different educational institutions (design schools, universities, etc.) where the goal is to create computer games. The students get together for a whole semester where they strengthen their competences and develop a computer game at the end of the period.

In recent years, the DADIU program has created several PAX 10 games, IGF nominees, and more. The games are developed using Unity, and the games will require the installation of the Unity Web Player if you wish to play them directly through your browser (Don’t worry, it’s completely safe). Most of the games are also available for download on either Windows or Mac. No installation is required using this method, and the performance is often better.

Following is a list of the 6 new DADIU 2011 games. The games were created in six weeks by around 15 people on each production.

For those of you who're interested, I worked as a level designer on Back to Bed. I've used the games' official descriptions and will let the games speak for themselves. Have fun!

Back to Bed

Bob the sleepwalker have a habit of always falling asleep in hazardous places. Luckily for Bob, his subconscious protector, Subob, is always ready to save him. Now the challenge for Subob is to guide Bob to safety, across rooftops, avoiding falls and around dangerous creatures from the nightmares of Bob.

Wake Up Clone

In hostile dystopian environment you wake up, naked and vulnerable. Your surroundings are filled with broken robots and dead naked humans. As you move forward one of the robots catches and modifies you. A robotic voice now contacts you. The voice coaxes you to go to the surface where nice things awaits.

To get to the surface the player needs to utilize the augmentations forced on by the machine. The augmentations makes the player capable of advanced movement.

A Mother's Inferno

A mother loses her son on a train and must confront the five demons of loss in order to get him back. You play as the mother in this disturbing and uncompromising vision of a train ride gone to hell.


You are sent into a quarantined apartment complex to clean up after a corporation has tested a system that enables travel to a digital dimension. But the system has malfunctioned and all the residents disappeared. Your mission is to shut it down, but be careful! The place is haunted by virtual ghosts.


Stone cold fear washes over you on this nerve-racking escape from the Blackwell’s Island Women’s asylum. Your heart pounds feverishly from all the sedatives forced upon you, your sight fails from exhaustion. Do you have the nerve to live through this humane horror?

Hell Driver

You play as Blake Damon – an outlaw road rager who has driven himself to hell. Your V8 muscle car is your weapon as you drive to survive on Hell’s Highway. Crush hell spawned imps to drain their bodies for the powerful Hell Juice and destroy the demon truck chasing you.


The Best of the Fear Gauntlet - Part 1

In the past couple of months my favourite piece of Giant Bomb content wasn't even Giant Bomb content. I'm talking about The Fear Gauntlet. I've always had an interest in horror games, so I knew it would be great when I first heard the announcement. Now, after 25 episodes and with the completion of Condemned behind us, I felt the greatest moments had to be collected. So here it is: The Best of the Fear Gauntlet.

I don't usually do a lot of video editing, so constructive criticism is very welcome.


"The Ultimate Battle!"

I found this hilariously bad advertisement in my physical spam mail today. Apparently, Wii kids and PS3 kids are now at war and are required to yell at each other.
Ridiculousness aside, is there any real war going on in the motion control market? I would think that people who are interested in the motion controls alone would go for the Wii since its the cheapest solution.

Oscar Mike on the Moon: Doom + MW2

If you ever wondered what it would be like to sprint around on the moon and stabbing demons in the face with a knife; wonder no longer because here's how it's done!

To try this yourself, you must own a copy of Doom and run the .wad file through the Skulltag engine port. The MW2 weapons are from an external plug-in.