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@doerr007 said:

well the metal gear stuff is good and the WOW stuff and this is coming from one who has never played WOW.

Glad to hear, because the WoW videoes were really hard to watch as someone who played it a lot.

Basically 5 hours of misinformation.

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@psylah said:

That calorie business from today's mail bag, woo boy.

"I don't know what a calorie is."


"Then what's a kilo-calorie?"

Yeah, that was unbelievable.

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@egg: You can often choose how many hz you want your game to be running at in video options.

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First one didn't show up in search for some reason, so I created the second. My bad.

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I don't really get his logic. If you announce up front that "Game X is launching at 66% off, and will never be this cheap again!", aren't you still trying to trick people into buying it? A reverse sale of some sort.

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This game no longer exist and will never see the light of day. The game is still in development though, but it has been completely revamped.

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@chrissedoff said:

Do we want people who've gotten banned from the same website multiple times and still reject the notion that it's their fault?

I was thinking the exact same thing...

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Thanks for featuring my video! (Although you misspelled my name :) )

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@tmthomsen said:
@three0nefive said:

The human mind physically can't see more than 24 FPS/720p anyway, stop being so entitled.

That is objectively wrong on so many levels.

Sarcasm Filter Enabled.

Maybe, maybe not. With posts like the one that started this thread it's hard to know anymore. I know none of the users, so I have no idea of their mental situation.