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I'm confident I will see it someday.

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RAM is cheap, what's the problem? Even my 3 year old PC has 16 GB of RAM.

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I could never sign into the online part of Far Cry 3. So whenever I hit ESC to open the menu, it hang for around 20 seconds to try to connect, only to fail every time.

When I played Assassin's Creed 3 it fucked up my cloud saves and I lost several hours of progress.

It's a fact. Uplay is shit.

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I played through the original Shadow Warrior and its expansions for the first time recently and had a blast. I think certain games can stand the test of time, but most will probably be terrible. For instance I can't imagine going back to GoldenEye singleplayer and enjoying it for other than nostalgic reasons.

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The Walking Dead season 2, episode 3. It wasn't realistic in any way due to the game's graphical style, but it felt extremely brutal.

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Got really close in Brothers and in the Walking Dead Season 1 finale. The latter which I actually told the voice actor of Lee in person :D

Cool dude!

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Outlast & DLC

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@doerr007 said:

well the metal gear stuff is good and the WOW stuff and this is coming from one who has never played WOW.

Glad to hear, because the WoW videoes were really hard to watch as someone who played it a lot.

Basically 5 hours of misinformation.