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Well the "premium content" thing alerted me to the fact that the Bombcast is now premium. When did that happen?

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One main reason is that emulators are hard. You might not realize this since we have a plethora of emulators for the relatively simple consoles of yesteryear. Hardware platforms like the SNES or GameBoy are very well understood and actually quite simple. The GameBoy's CPU was very similar to the CPU in your TI-84. You can build an effective emulator for that system in no time. By the time we get to the XBox, things get tricky as hardware is significantly more complicated. Today there exists a few XBox emulators, which are either horribly slow or incomplete, and a 360 or PS4 emulator would require even more resources to run at speed and be even more complex to build.

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Same, Win7, 64 bit, Chrome.

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Would buy it in a heart beat, just tell me where to send the money!

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@tycobb said:

I wonder if they still do this.

They still do comical animated shorts.

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My ladies brother goes to see them pretty much every year and loves it every time, they still put on a great show.

At the show I went to, I met a guy who has seen them 40-some times and says they still hold up (I've only seen them the one). Of course, someone who is a big enough fan to have seen them that many times is probably a bit biased.

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I saw them in the fall. It blew my mind. You won't regret a minute of it.

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Whatever the silent option is. In games with the option, I always try to be as nonlethal as possible as well, but I don't obsess over it

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Never mind that, I just got the last two I needed and completed the set.

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I am out of ideas, I need some hints. I managed to find 2 out of 4 rebellious creations, but everything else that I search either doesn't seem to count or does not have a page. Also, do the creations have to be robots, or can they be biological in nature?