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This is so unreal...of course I never personally knew him, but he seemed like a truly awesome human being. He provided me with many hours of entertainment through this much that I did put forward money to get as much of it as I possibly could. My deep condolences to everyone at giantbomb, all his friends and family...I've never had the experience of anyone close to me dying, though I know that day must eventually come...and if I am so upset by the loss of someone I didn't even truly know, I can't imagine the pain for those who did. Goodbye Ryan. You will be missed.

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Awesome. I've always hoped someone was eventually going to do this.

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Tiny Tina was my immediate thought. I can't remember ever actually disliking a video game character other than her.

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Why in the world has this of all things been brought back to life?...

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Going with the Scout helmet at the moment...I think I like it. I'm not sure yet.

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Just watched Re-Animator and half of Bride of Re-Animator. I quite enjoyed the first one, maybe an 8/10. The second one i haven't finished yet, forthcoming!! (probably not)

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So, first of all, I'd just like to say I'm not religious in any way, and i do not personally believe that there is an after life, but a couple of things. The people saying anything along the lines of "there is evidence that there is no after life", no, there is not, shut up. I don't believe there is, but really, we don't know either. No one really knows what happens after death, and though i believe we just rot, there is certainly not "evidence" one way or another. In answer to the question, i already don't believe there is an afterlife. If i had absolute certainty there was not, i don't think it would honestly change much, other than the fact that i would most likely be stupidly wealthy or murdered by a religious group.

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I was there, man. And it was beautiful.

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Yep, every one of the ids, as far as i saw, are of serial killers.

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It's great at the start, then good, then kind of's just generally downhill after the first hour or so, and the ending is really terrible.