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Great to see some Bayo 2 love.

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Best of luck to Cliff in his future endeavors.

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@SupernormalStep: I know you've already received a ton of compliments but please have another one. Those drawings are pure awesomeness.

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@CosmicBatman said:

Fair enough, also he Isn't even that mad

Good guy Olly. Still too bad that some Gearbox artist lifted the clouds straight out of his work though. Reminds me a bit of when some artist at Capcom used a watermarked IGN image for the cover art of the Okami Wii version.

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I hope the title of this article was a reference to NAS' Life's a Bitch song.

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" Since E3 everyone has known that COD DLC is coming first on 360 - why even make a note of it in subheadings or headings? Its semi trolling PC and PS3 players. Its a game journo thing I guess as it makes no sense to me to state the bloody obvious. "
But that's the thing, not everyone knows that it is coming out on 360 first. Most gamers probably do but you can't assume everyone does.
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Go for it! It is true that it is very linear but it's a very good way to ease yourself into the Final Fantasy series. Also, the battle system is a lot of fun. 
@InfamousBIG:  The battle system is a mix of turn-based and time-based systems. It involves a lot of paradigm shifts but I won't get into any of that since I'll probably make it sound really confusing. But basically, you are able to chain moves up to a certain amount (based on one of the character's attributes) but cannot execute the attack until a enough time has passed in a meter to allow your character to attack again. Once you make your moves, then you have to wait until the time meter fills again. "Paradigm shifts" allow you to change "classes" and give you access to different movesets. I hope this helps somewhat. Sorry if my explanation is a little confusing because its been awhile since I've played it.

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I regret buying Brutal Legends. Also Mad Maestro for the PS2...

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Surprisingly, the Wii has pretty much been the only console I've been playing this summer (usually play the 360) . Been keeping myself busy with Madworld, Galaxy 2, No More Heroes, and now Metroid: Other M. Basically, if you like Nintendo games then I'd recommend a Wii. There are also good 3rd party games out there if you are willing to look hard enough but they are often buried under piles and piles of shovel-ware.

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Playing on Proud. Seems good so far, not insanely difficult but not super easy either.