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Sports is the only genre I don't play

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@KaosAngel said:
" @simian said:
" @empfeix: Next payday I'm going to alienware and making a rather large order. "
...why Alienware?   "
Alienware aren't that bad. They are easy to take apart/put back together, the motherboard works with both ATI and Nividia, and they look cool.
But they are expensive.
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@essd0g said:
" Most of my RPG experience comes from playing console JRPG's, so my initial reaction was to start grinding through random battles to get stronger. Suffice it to say that I quickly found out that wasn't a very effective way to play this game... "
That would probably kill you early in the game. also there's a 13 (in game) year time limit, so you dont want to waste to much time in the travel screen.
Quests are the main source of XP
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Start with low level quests and work your way up. 

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any one who pronounces it as "foo" is wrong.

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@schizogony said:

" salt & vinegar "

Thats not strange
Its one of the 5 basic flavours
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@Meteora said:
" @project343 said:
" Sounds like they're testing the water. After the wealth of negative community feedback after NXE--this makes sense. "
Really? NXE is one of the best improvements made on the 360 simply for the saving on the hard drive functionality. Sure people don't like the avatars, but its not like they hinder your gameplay in any way. "
It was pretty glitchy and slow when it first came out
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Pain killer is a great game but its also they only game they have made. I hope they kept their talent for the past 6 years
If this game is anywhere near as good as Pain Killer then its going to be great

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This thread got me thinking. Why doesnt England have a national anthem?

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I don't like the American national anthem. France have a good one