Dream Gear - The Re-Design

I was browsing a local games shop today, when I came across this little 108 in one arcade games machine. After looking at some screenshots on the packaging, I realised this was a re-packaged Dream Gear (edit: I had the wrong link here. I actually can't find the Unproffesional Fridays on the site, it was 05/24/2013).

Of course, I snapped it up. At half price, how could I resist? So here it is, the Retro Play controller with 108 "TV video games"

And here's the little guy our of the the packaging. These images don't really do the size of this thing justice, so here it is next to a Nintendo 3DS cartridge:

3 AAA batteries installed, and I'm up and running.

As soon as I can figure out a way of capturing video, I'll do a quick run down of the games. After a quick play of a few games, I can say the controls don't suck as much as I thought they would, but the button position isn't great. Believe it or not, the little controller isn't that uncomfortable to hold.

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Hatchi - Day 2

My daily adventures with Kingsford, a Hatchi on Android.

I pooped.
I woke up this morning to my first ever notification alert. Kingsford wants your attention! I excitedly opened up the app to be greeted with a huge shit on the floor. Awesome, thanks, little blobby thing. No big problem, one press off the baby button (which is the bathe button), the turd is gone and my blob is happy again! I put Kingsford to sleep, and headed off to the train station.
I decided to check in with my little buddy while I was on the train, and to my surprise, he was no longer a little blobby thing! Kingsford had evolved into a little spikey blobby thing, or some sort of very small sun. He's not quite as cute now, but I can live with this. I let him sleep, I'm sure evolving is not easy work, and he deserved it.
I evolved!
The I pooped again.
About half way through my walk from the station into work, I got another notification. Kingsford needed my attention again. I was hoping for something awesome after he evolved, like he woke up and suddenly this thing would become more interactive. I was to be severely disapointed. Kingsford took another shit. It's hard to be mad at hime though, and he seemed so proud.

Stay tuned for more aweso-tacular adventures with Kingsford.


Hatchi - Day 1

My daily adventures with Kingsford, a Hatchi on Android.

My new.. blob..thing.

This morning, I hatched this thing. I'm not sure what it is, but it's there, and it wants stuff. First of all, it wants a name. I look up and see a street sign, then without hesitation I name my little blobby thing Kingsford.

Kingsford seems happy enough to bounce up and down while I stare at the awesome dot matrix lcd style graphics. His (yes, it's a boy, I checked) little Hunger bar isn't full, so I press the knife and fork, and select the apple. After about 4 frames of animation over several seconds, the hunger bar is almost full, and he's bouncing again.

Mah ballll!

This didn't seem like a game, or something that will hold my attention for more than a few seconds, until I hit the book or bat and ball buttons, then he smiled. Oh god, the cute!

That's about all there is to this so far. If a bar isn't full, press the thing that fills it up. Sometimes, Kingsford refuses whatever it is you pressed. Gameplay. I put Kingsford to be, because his little energy bar is getting low, and exit.

Stay tuned for more Thrill-tastic adventures with Kingsford.


Ads of a different kind.

I have mixed feelings about video game magazines. With the internet available everywhere, the immediacy of news and information is amazing, and I love it for that. What I find I miss though is the simple pleasure of buying, reading and collecting magazines. The joy of demos on the cover disk, the toxic smell of printed materials, the useless inserts that fall everywhere, and the printed ads.

I wouldn't have even thought about this, if not for this amazing collection of old video games ads from magazines:


The way I look for information on the internet means I only ever see what I'm looking for. With a magazine, I might only be interested in 1 or 2 games or articles in there, but I still read pretty much all of them all the way through, accidentally learning about some awesome stuff I would have missed. Internet ads have become so prevalent to the point of becoming noise rather than useful information. Even when I'm not running some form of ad blocking plugin, I've trained my eyes to skip everything that looks even slightly like an ad.

Plus, you can't tear out a page from the internet and blu-tack it to your wall like a poster.