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Calling early GOTY favourite.

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Elder Scrolls Online.

I was, and still am keen to get in on an MMO at the ground floor when it's popular, but after watching the 2 part quick look here, I don't think I can justify $90 + a subscription for what looked like a rather boring experience.

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I was actually looking forward to getting in at the ground floor on an MMO for once, then I saw the price. Yes, I'm in Australia, and yes, the games are always this much here, but for a game with a subscription fee I don't expect to pay full retail price for a digital download. I'll be waiting for this one to drop in price dramatically or go F2P before I check it out again.

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@joshwent: My understanding is that while the law is applied evenly, the consequences of having to defend yourself against false claims can be extremely unfair. A large company has the money and lawyers to basically tie you up in the legal system until you run out of money.

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I started watching the latest Load Our Last Souls Video recently. I started up a separate video in the background that I had just finished downloading to check it was OK, and the opening credits music started playing just as Vinny started his first dance.

This is the result:

Loading Video...

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@naru_joe93: On the lower right. Good luck, have Batman.

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I was working at Australia Zoo when Steve Irwin died, and I didn't feel anywhere near as bad as I do today. I'm actually stressed a little more that my housemate is going away on Saturday and I'll be alone for a week.

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I'll be there in spirit. I couldn't afford to travel down form Brisbane, unfortunately. I have only a couple of friends, and none of them know anything about Giant Bomb, leaving me with this horrible feeling of deep loneliness today. If this becomes some sort of annual thing, I'll definitely be looking to come down and talk to people who know how I feel right now.

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I've had the game 4 days, just got into a real house, won 3rd place in a fishing contest (and if you're wondering why there was a fishing contest, read on), had donated heaps of stuff to the museum already then......

I saw today that I had the wrong month set on my 3DS the whole time (I was going to sell it before Animal Crossing came out to cover bond for a new place, turns out I didn't need to). I set it to the right months, and the game thought I'd neglected it for a month :(. I thought it was probably best to just start again.

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Check out the "This Year" collection of podcasts. They have created a "best of" Giant Bomb podcasts for 2008 - 2012, including some of the "Arrow Pointing Down" podcasts before Giant Bomb was a thing.

Do a search for Giant Bomb.