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I don't have the game, and it doesn't have a demo so I can't test it, but did anyone try to map the sixaxis gyro of the ds4 to head movement? I don't even know if it is possible, but in my head it seems like it can work, albeit pretty awkward. Maybe by having a button to toggle it would help keep the screen stable.

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@doctordonkey: Wait, the press release specifically says the content update to 1.10 is free across all platforms. Wouldn't that include all the graphical improvements?

From what I understood, there is going to be another version of the game on Steam. Like totally separate. The old one will be DS2 DX9 and the new one will be DS2 DX11.

This means that all of the improvement that aren't related to the game engine will be implemented to the old version, while everything else will be exclusive to the new separate release.

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- You cannot upgrade the Windows (DirectX9) version to the Windows (DirectX11) version.

Wait, seriously?! I'll have to re-buy the game for the updated graphics?

This blows. The one feature from this whole package that interested me the most is behind a paywall *and* isn't compatible with my existing character...

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Yeah, I tried Vsync, didn't do much of an improvement. I also tried capping the framerate to 60 using the in-game option but again, nothing. Capping to 30 does indeed make a difference, but it really sucks after experiencing the game at above 60. It can't be the only solution to this.

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I'm using a 360 controller and I'm experiencing a major input lag with this game for some reason. The camera lags behind the stick movement as if it weighs a ton. I don't have any performance issues, frame rate is averaging above 70, so it can't be that.

I've looked it up and only a few people brought it up and apparently, locking the frame rate on 30 is the only fix(?!).

Anyone else experienced this and solved it? I don't want to cap the frame rate, there's gotta be another way.

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I actually really liked Origins. Though I did play it only recently so I had quite a break from City, which might explain why I didn't mind the staleness of the gameplay that much.

That main thing that kept me playing, though, were the cut-scenes. Yes the story is pretty forgettable and yes, the voice acting is nothing special (even though I thought it fit the tone). What I did enjoy quite a bit, however, was the animation, lighting framing and everything that had to do with the cinematic nature of the game. Something about it clicked with me. Facial animation on the characters was great, the action sequences were shot great and flowed nicely. The whole package just felt like it used comic book stylization as reference, which is exactly what I'm looking for in a game like this.

I got this game on a good sale and I approached it with low expectations, but this aspect of the game caught me off guard which made me appreciate it quite a bit.

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These are fantastic!!

The expressions are what really sell them! They all look so bad ass!

These needs to be printed and hanged on the GB set.

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I had the same problem as you. Wanted to stream to my livingroom TV from my PC but didn't want to run an HDMI cable across the whole apartment.

I went with the Chromecast approach. I use Plex as a server on my PC and stream to my TV through the Chromecast (which has full Plex support).

It's working great for the most part. Picture is crystal clear with no bitrate issues and full 1080p resolution. The reason I said "for the most part" is because, sometimes, I get buffering issues. The Chromecast does not have any ethernet inputs, it's WiFi only which makes it a little bit unstable at times. Honsetly, it's very rare that I get buffering issues and it can actually be the WiFi conditions in my apartment that are causing these issues, but it is very annoying when it happens.

Obviously wired solutions are better for these types of things (be it HDMI or Ethernet), but I still find the Chromecast a viable solution and also the cheapest.

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I don't think you need to worry about it.

I recently bought a Samsung TV with a 100 Hz refresh rate (stupid PAL system) and had the same concerns. But it turns out that it is totally fine. I hooked it up to my PC and everything seems completely smooth.

I think that the thing you really need to worry about with TV's is the input lag. TV's usually have picture enhancement systems that can create input lag, which can be really annoying.