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I had the same problem as you. Wanted to stream to my livingroom TV from my PC but didn't want to run an HDMI cable across the whole apartment.

I went with the Chromecast approach. I use Plex as a server on my PC and stream to my TV through the Chromecast (which has full Plex support).

It's working great for the most part. Picture is crystal clear with no bitrate issues and full 1080p resolution. The reason I said "for the most part" is because, sometimes, I get buffering issues. The Chromecast does not have any ethernet inputs, it's WiFi only which makes it a little bit unstable at times. Honsetly, it's very rare that I get buffering issues and it can actually be the WiFi conditions in my apartment that are causing these issues, but it is very annoying when it happens.

Obviously wired solutions are better for these types of things (be it HDMI or Ethernet), but I still find the Chromecast a viable solution and also the cheapest.

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I don't think you need to worry about it.

I recently bought a Samsung TV with a 100 Hz refresh rate (stupid PAL system) and had the same concerns. But it turns out that it is totally fine. I hooked it up to my PC and everything seems completely smooth.

I think that the thing you really need to worry about with TV's is the input lag. TV's usually have picture enhancement systems that can create input lag, which can be really annoying.

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Just saw this photo of Jon Hamm and kinda almost got sold on him as Joel. I'm not entirely familiar with him as an actor though so maybe not, but still, look wise he can really pull it off.

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Good, so it's not just me.

Would be nice to have someone address this soon. Video game footage really suffers from low bitrate so this sucks.

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It seems like the GB East stuff are fine, though I might be mistaken...

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Anyone noticed low bitrate on the videos recently? I'm choosing HD and I tried the three different streaming modes, but everything seems to be pixelated when stuff gets busy on the screen.

Sorry if this got asked before, but I tried to search the forums and its terrible! I can never find anything using the search system on these forums...

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I used one of the maces for most of the beginning of the game, like first 6-7 hours. Since then I switched to something better, but due to the new durability system which makes all weapons much more frail, it still serves as a good backup weapon. Not for long though...

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For those of you who haven't been following, Jeff is one stream away from finishing the game. He said he's going to stream some time today, so follow his twitter for when exactly it would be.

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I honestly think that people who don't listen to the ads version are missing out. It's basically 2 more minutes of good ol' bombcast silliness (which is the main reason I listen to it in the first place).

The premium version is basically two Jeff/Vinny-funny-minutes slimmer, which makes it the inferior one.

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@i_am_lono: Yep! Totally agree. I actually followed the blog of Robert Briscoe (the lead artist and designer) on the development of this, and was really awe struck by his talent on environment design. Very inspiring stuff.

So, yeah, here's another one: EMW0P-NF3N6-FCGZE