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I work untill 11pm most nights so i only get to play it after work and on sunday. Staying up untul 5am going to work, doing the same. damn good. I've been rushing my games the past few months, i dunno, it was like i was just playing to try and complete it as fast as possible. But because the pacing is slow and i love the fiction i'm managing to do all the missions/side quests and exploration without getting stressed or skipping huge sections of dialogue becuase there's so much of it. It's all good!

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I'm mostly excited about mass effect 2 just because i loved the first one, been staying away from any news about that game. Halo Reach, im intrigued by what bungie are going to do with it, with stuff like halo waypoint out and odst, it's got me excited. Plus i really dig the multiplayer. And Alan Wake because i've been hearing about it for so damn long! Oh yeah and project natal.

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Apparantly he's the one that accidently announced fable 3 over twitter back in march, plus the fact that he's got a role in it! He must have been a tad bit too excited but i think he fits the bill for a character voice in fable 3 perfectly!

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I think it will come, they worked on the game and the technology has passed what the game was originally intended for so it could easily be ported to the Wii, assuming that they were close to finishing the game. We knew they lost lots of money developing the game but it must be cheaper now than it was for the Dreamcast. We could see it on the HD consoles but because of the extra tech involved i think they would be able to release it on the Wii like Sega have been doing with their other franchises like Samba Di Amigo and House of the Dead. I would prefer a new game for the new tech, but i just want to see the game out in my lifetime!

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Alex Navarro!

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i've started listening since the beginning when jeff was writing on his blog lots and i remember the first one was like over Skype or something! I knew i would love giantbomb because Jeff and Ryan know their stuff and it was pretty damn sweet. and still is!

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O- so i can give my blood to anyone which is pretty handy

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if you want to play burnout paradise online then you need a hard drive. other than a few other online games like ffxi , you can play almost everything.

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Didn't he die in the first game?

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Mine was Blue Dragon

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