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Bombcast is great, I look forward to it every week now, which wasn't always true.

I like the way Alex and Patrick do the podcast. But I almost never look at things the same way they do, so it usually amounts to listening to talented people talk about things I don't give a shit about. Not especially enjoyable.

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EDIT: Hey, wait, I'm an administrator in that group and I didn't even know it.

I know, that's what's so amusing to me. I get picked out as a representative for a group with 8 admins. I didn't even remember I was one!

I very rarely check the chatroom. But the most I've ever seen is one or two people in it. 90% of the time it's completely empty. Too bad really, I kind of like the casual chat environment. Though at some point we might as well just hang out in the PC Hub IRC and spam it with anime.

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2 Is definitely not the worst of them. Even if I really dislike large sections of actually playing it, what it tried to achieve is too impressive not to acknowledge.

Besides, it would take a lot to bring 2 down to the level of 4, PW or Portable Ops. 4 is probably the worst of the bunch just in general. I had fun with it and all the absurdity, but holy shit that game is a mess.

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@gaspower said:

Emiya Kiritsugu is a BAAAAAAAAD man.

In the beeeeeeeeeeest way. Man fucking Fate/Zero is amazing. I love how it makes everyone except rider-chan~ look like an awful person.

@aegon That sounds like mostly large and thankless work. I get that the group isn't being used at all (much like the steam group where I was involuntarily crowned king) but just as a collection of MAL lists, it's perfectly usable. A link the OP should be enough. I guess he could try and put the spotlight on it a bit more since I bet a lot of people don't read the OP, but meh.

Fun fact, the single most active member in the steam group doesn't even visit Giant Bomb. Like. Ever.

Nice dude though. He was pretty sad that no one remembered the group exists.

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Good thing we already have a judge, jury and executor:

Should smooth out the entire process.

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American crunchy has Fate Zero, Bakemono, Madoka and TTGL? T.T

In that case update!

Fate/Zero is great. A morbid show dealing in very gray characters. Not many good people to be found at all, but it creates a very interesting feel and dynamic for the show. I like it A LOT.

Bakemonogatari is a really stylish take on relationships and some supernatural elements. Weird camera angles, surreal imagery and mindbending conversations is what you have to look forward to.

Madoka Magia is a really twisted take on the magical girl genre. Kind of like a show dedicated to killing fairies in candyland. Definitely more than it seems at a glance. It tries to get decently "cerebral" as it goes on, your appreciation of that may vary.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: It's Asuras Wrath with mechs. It begins in a ridiclous but kind of small scale way. Then it rapidly escalates for 26 episodes to heights you would never imagine. Highly recommended.

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I think CR has more show in america than over here, so I might be missing something. But from what I can see that is available I'd recommend.

  • Log Horizon: An interesting take on what life would be in an MMO, it does a good job subverting the expectation of the universe by distinctly making it feel like a game more than life. While mostly avoiding unneccessary contrivance. I like it a fair bit.
  • Gintama: Long as hell (280 episodes), and the early goings of the show aren't the best. But as you get to know the characters and the type of humor it employs, Gintama gradually turns into one of the funniest things I've ever seen. There are arcs here and there, but most of the episodes work as standalones.
  • Toradora: Solid romance story, many good characters, good drama. Taiga's early behavior can be a turnoff for some, but the show is worth sticking with.
  • Durarara: This is anime. Anime as hell. Many crazy characters, many different perspectives. Stuff happens, it's pretty cool.
  • Tonari no Seki-Kun: Short hilarious sketches about a guy fucking around in class. 7min of greatness per episode.
  • Polar Bear Cafe: It's actually really enjoyable. Very aimless though. It's kind of not comedy, and it's not drama or action. It's just kind of there and is pretty cool.
  • Usagi Drop: The cutest and most amazong goddamn story of a young man and a small child experiencing life and growing up together as parent/child. It's great.
  • Humanity has declined: Quirky thing with a cool artstyle. I cant really describe it well, but it's weird.
  • Kill la Kill: Niche as hell, nothing I say matters. If you like the first 1 or 2 episodes you will probably like the rest. If not you definitely won't.
  • Akame ga Killl: Dumb generic action. Blood and silly characters. Guilty pleasure of mine.

I wish CR had more stuff I like. :/

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@alexw00d said:

@nick: It means the person who necro'd the thread did so to troll people. Read what was posted...

Pretty much. Whether he was serious or trolling is almost irrelevant, that comment was just pointless and inflammatory.

Man I go so back and forth on this game. I know I liked it at the time, but I never enjoyed trying to replay it. And I can't even remember 90% of the story, character motivation or events really. Just utterly forgettable.

Perhaps it was just enjoyable as the graphical beast it was, and when the cinematic viewing was over so was the novelty. Oh well.

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Troll necro threads yay!

I remember somewhat enjoying the game. But I don't have any specifically fond memories of it. More like a decent timewaster in whatever summer it came out.

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That voiceover sounds exactly like every youtube parody of tvshop ever.