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@5enintendan: I'm hardly an expert on the second game, but from what I can tell. Faith builds are really strong in PVE as well. Just put sunlight blade on your, er, blade. And kill stuff! Making the weapon lightning infused also boosts the damage a fair bit.

Also for the thread. I'm not really looking to get back into the game again, but I do want to play the DLC at some point. I wonder if I can be lucky with a sale later on when all 3 are out.

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I only binge games. But that also means I only play them whenever I have enough time/energy to do it. An RPG can usually last 5-10 6 hour sessions over a couple of months for me. Or in the case of Tales of Xillia, which is the most recent example, I beat it in 4 sitting of 10 hours over half a year.

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This is like, equal part bummer and relief. Fuck having purchased power, but jesus christ thank god they are adding more customization to the characters. The power you have over your characters development in hots is so minimal I can't even believe they made it that way. I really hope that game has amazing gamefeel, and interesting objectives. Because so much of what I love from the other mobas is gone.

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@pontron: Stream subscriber stretch goal is to finish off the run with FF2. Believe.

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You can get more humanity from killing rats in the depths, but that is quite the walk just to get more. I think with what you have, you should be able to beat them on your own.

Standing still and hitting with Iron flesh is very hard for this boss. A general tactic for a slower character would be to walk backwards with your shield up and try to get them to separate. When you get one of them alone, wait for a window to attack. Usually immediately after blocking/dodging one of their hits. Just always keep in mind that Ornstein can leap at you from far away, so hide behind pillars to heal, or to get cheap hits in on Smough.

One thing to note is that summoning Solaire increases the HP of the boss, making them take longer to kill. Doing it alone makes tanking a little more viable since you will deal more damage overall to them while taking hits.

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@bigjeffrey: Omfg, that that knee pillow. This is amazing on so many levels.

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@equitasinvictus: Sold.

Is it actually any good? I'm just kind of always on the lookout for decent VNs about anything.

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I'm probably closest to Brad in many ways. But the differences are large enough that I have to kind of pick and choose what I trust him on. But in general my only real connection to the rest of the crew is the sense of humour and somewhat their view on life. I do have respect for the crew though, Jeff in particular has a way of things that I only wish I could imitate. A very multifaceted person.

I enjoy hearing the crews views on games, even if I rarely agree fully. For advice on free time activity or games for myself though... I do my own research.

Mustard is great, and so are onions. Fuck you Jeff.

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I got a 16. That certainly doesn't support my repeated claim that I'm partially colorblind. I do have issues with some greens/blues/yellows for sure though...