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Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

Dark Souls is cheating, GRRRRR. Actually I would like to know what about it made you feel like putting it on your list this year? Was it the DLC?

You are the only other list I have seen with DOA5 on it so props for that.

Obligatory ,Katawa Shoujo shout out.

Posted by TobbRobb

@ImmortalSaiyan: I actually took quite a while to play the DLC! So it wasn't that.

Last year I liked it because of the challenge and sense of achievement. I only played through it once and I did everything to get by with the skin of my teeth. That in itself was an amazing experience.

But that only works once you know? In all subsequent playthroughs (of which I've done many) a lot of the challenge was gone. So I started looking for other things to play with. And that was kind of like opening a door. A little like people say they did with Fez, I saw the game within the game. Know what I mean? It took a few months before getting back to it, but with the PC version It feels like I saw the "real" Dark Souls. And I like it way more than before, so much that It's likely my most played game of 2012. SO IT GOES ON THE LIST AGAIN.

I liked DoA quite a bit, but honestly. It's mostly on there as padding, this year didn't really have all that much to pique my interest.

Katawa Shoujo. <3