GOTY 2013

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Posted by Azteck

You lie, I played like 3-4 hours of Last of Us and you watched me!

Posted by TobbRobb

@azteck: Lo and behold, not on the list. CONPSIRACY.

Posted by ZombiePie

Looks like you shot and stabbed a lot of people this year.

Edited by TobbRobb

@zombiepie: Accurate. It was the year of shooting and stabbing. A surprisingly good year for it as well, even with all the talk of development in storytelling through Gone Home or TLoU, there was still a decent chunk of game for people like me. :D

Posted by TobbRobb

Welp. For all that talk, Last of Us turned out pretty great. I guess I am the very satisfied and content sucker over here.

Edited by Humanity

Dragons Dogma huh.. this man has good taste..