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This is.. I.. uh... Vinco.. i.. wha..

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Reviving this thread was a great thing to do. It's like having a time machine!

Also, I really should play more Demons Souls. Even though there is no story relation between demons and dark, I still feel like wanting to play through the first game before really sinking my teeth into Dark Souls.

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Got my coffee ready. Patrick your writings are always informative and entertaining. ^_^

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Been waiting for this all day. Got my coffee ready!

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Not out before Q2? We'll dang I'll get the ps4 version then. Thanks all for the feedback.

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Reading it now. Love all of the content you make man.

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I have been looking for info regarding differences between versions of Destiny.

Not much to find, or maybe I'm just bad at looking stuff up. (probably the latter). I'm getting the PS3 version at launch. I'm holding off on buying the PS4 'till sometime next year.

Have any of you got any idea about if progress will be saved across the two platforms (PS3 and PS4)? I'm curious about this as they've described it as an MMO-type game and I really don't want to feel "behind", if that makes sense, when I finally get my inevitable PS4 version.

Also if you have any info regarding potentially major differences between the two versions that would be cool too.

Any reply would be appreciated.

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Scoops knows what's up!

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Microsoft god dammit.

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This is truly a terrible loss. My heart is beating furiously. I cannot say how sad I am to hear this news. This is the first time I have ever felt like this about a person who never really knew who I was. That is not to say that Ryan did not know that people cared for him and the rest of the site, quite the contrary.

I am now sitting here with the feeling of having lost a near and dear friend and this is why you, GiantBomb, matter to me. You all make me feel that even though bad things happen in my life, I am able to come to this site and chill out with friends who likes me for who I am. You guys are what keeps me going when times are tough and as i write I have to whipe away a lot of tears, because I realize that this has impacted me more than I thought it could.

Rest in peace Ryan Davis.
You where an inspiration, and helped me laugh through tough times.

Without you I would not be who I am today.

Thoughts from a fan from Denmark.

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