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I do old games pretty often, though now it's mostly through a Retron 5 or a Supaboy. i still have a Dreamcast and a Neo Geo hooked up too. I have a SNES, a Genesis, and a TurboGrafix 16, though it's getting tough to keep those hooked up to the big living room TV, hence the Retron 5.

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I think that depends on what we mean by "held responsible." For instance, I think if there were some kind of legal accountability then I think that'd be incredibly stifling to all sorts of creative/entertainment communities, almost akin to censorship. I think artists should be free to explore difficult topics, especially if they do it respectfully. I do think that the gaming community should feel free to talk about topics that arise in games, and I'd like to see developers and publishers listen in on that discussion. In that way, people who play the game can tell the creators how they felt about how a subject was treated, was it fair, was it accurate, was there any sense of empathy, etc...

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I think game remasters are generally good. I don't know what it costs in money and personnel to get a remaster out, but I would expect they're at least making a profit. I want to see new games too, but re-releases aren't the only thing currently holding back new games. Historically, games have also been terrible at staying available for longer than their initial release. Sure you can try to hunt down old systems or use emulation, but making games available on modern consoles and keeping them in print helps people enjoy old games in a more convenient way. Other media like books, music, and movies have been doing remasters and rereleases for decades and they're important to keeping the medium alive for people who didn't have the experience in the first go-around.

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I'm terrible at fighting games and love them, so no, it doesn't make a difference.

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Wow, that was dumb, thanks dude

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Sounds great, Rorie, I'll go in on this.

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I like to hit a house party, especially if I know people/have friends there. I hate clubs, and I think they're a lousy way to meet people, what with the noise, and the weird lighting, and uncomfortable clothing and such. Plus, I'm deeply introverted, interacting with even people I know well can be taxing, so meeting strangers in a dark room is especially draining.

Don't swat clubs, man, or bars for that matter. There are a lot of ways and places to meet people, and it should be in a way where you are comfortable with the situation, and maybe the people around you share interests or have something in common. New friendships are great, but you don't have to force it to make it happen.

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I really liked video reviews as a quick way to get the info from the review and see the game in action. A Quick Look handles some of that, but the video review was a good short format.

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Please go ahead and add, I like seeing what the community is up to.

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I'm gonna try this one again; I tried a few months ago and got no response, and not knowing is bugging me. I'm thinking of an arcade brawler where the two main characters are kids on roller skates. They fight in urban environments, and there are some definite racial undertones. I think American Sammy had some involvement. Anybody? Thanks.