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For me I thik this could be a good Wii year, better than 2009. I expect to pick up Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid Other M, and I have my fingers crossed that E3 will showcase a new Zelda for late 2010 (longshot) or 2011. We might even find out what the hell the pulse sensor is for. I still want to get Silent Hill: Shattered memories as well (it seemed to blow Brad's mind pretty good.)

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Probably yes, but not Day 1. I respect the GT series' commitment to realism, but Forza has brought so much in terms of customization, community, and user-friendliness that it's a tough overall package to beat. I'm not sure that GT5 will be able to top Forza 3 in the innovations department.

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Heavy Rain
Super Street Fighter 4
Uncharted 2

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PS3 is a fine machine. Whatever excuse you need, you should get one.

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@natetodamax said:
" Dude, Episode 3.... "
Yep, that'd make my year.
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Whatever happens, just get Burnout Paradise.

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Absolutely get Shadow Complex. Fantastic game.

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I kinda liked how this game riffed on Contra and Metal Slug, but I agree with Jeff: when Shadow Complex, and even Alien Hominid are available, this game just doesn't cut it.

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I liked the Bayonetta demo, but was completely bored by the Darksiders quick look; don't like the look of the combat or design at all. I am a bit surprised at how well Bayonetta is doing in reviews, and while I'm not getting it right away, I'll probably pick it up sometime soon.

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I agree that it's here to stay, but it's still in the gimmick zone. I don't think 3D will get real mass appeal until it's cheaper and doesn't require glasses. Until then, it'll be a neat toy of rich A/V geeks.