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Seriously: both! Microsoft and Sony both had their own strengths and their own lessons to learn this generation, and I think where they take that will be very interesting. Though the collection of Rock Band songs on my 360 is a pressing issue...

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Plenty, and I think the rest of the year will be great for it. There'snot a lot I'm looking forward to until 2013, so it's a good time to go back.

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I bought Wizorb because it was awesome and well-recommended (thanks, Patrick.) But most of the good ones have better versions on iOS or Steam.

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Wow, too bad things are shaking out this way. While I would want the Joust guys to be protected, iOS is actually a really great platform for this concept. Johann Sebastian Joust is a better title, too...

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I have the game and a tag, but it'll be an OS upgrade until I can actually start playing. Can I get a pending spot on the list? The name is Töbayaz#1845

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For some reason I can't get ChuChu Rocket to load on my Dreamcast. The console plays other games fine, and I have tried with two different copies of ChuChu Rocket. When I start up the game it shows the Sega logo and then quits to the Dreamcast dashboard. Neither of those copies were bootlegs; both were legit NTSC NA copies in an NTSC NA Dreamcast. Any suggestions?

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@jakkblades: I don't, not anymore. In fact I've been buying more old consoles to collect. But I also believe that retro games should be as available as possible. If old games can be offered for download on current consoles, or similar formats like discs be playable on current consoles, that makes it easier for anyone to play old games. It's better when games are playable on hardware you already own, than stuff you'd have to find second-hand or pull from a closet. Backwards compatibility, and services like Virtual Console make the old stuff easy to access and enjoy, and I'd like those sorts of things to be supported to the fullest.

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I'm a preservationist. I'd like to see everything supported through some sort of compatibility, but I know that can be difficult or not a high priority for the big platform-holders.

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Lots of rumory stuff. I hope the game-locking system doesn't pan out; it didn't even when it was proposed for PS3. It'd be nice to see download games priced a good bit cheaper than discs, though I wouldn't bet on it. Though that really would help end used-game sales and send more money to publishers. Whatever...I want to see games and features before calling it.

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Sounds pretty amazing. I'm in.