Help me think of video to create to match this Blops song

So I'm currently working on this Black Ops song using dialogue taken from the game, but I'm not quite sure exactly what to do with the video aspect. (As I will be turning it into a youtube video). I'm thinking possible of having edited cut scenes with really slick effects to match the song but I'm not quite too sure on specifics. If you have any suggestions on what we could put in video wise or comments audio wise, it would be very helpful.  Thanks dudes!
You can listen to a part of it here but it's not fully complete yet and is still a work in progress.     
Also for anyone who is familiar with legality issues, would it be illegal to sell a song such as that on itunes. I'm pressuming yes due to the voices being copyrighted but if so I suppose you could attempt to get permission.


2012: Doomsday (I've been duped!)

 Alright so yesterday I was hanging out with my friends and we were browsing the selection on Netflix when I saw 2012: Doomsday. Now I've consistently seen this movie on the shelves at blockbuster and I was always curious about it as I love the fiction surrounding 2012 for some reason. ANYWAY we decided to watch this knowing it was going to be a mediocre to bad movie but that would still be sort of interesting to watch and maybe laugh at.  
WELL it turns out that this movie is this really fucking intense Christian film that is clearly trying to convert me. I wasn't expecting this at all even though at the start of the movie it says "Faith Productions" which I even read aloud thinking it was weird but clearly not thinking too much about it. Every single character in the movie is basically revolved around Christianity. Half the characters at the start are all Christian while the others are skeptical but by the end of the movie every single character has been converted.  

The ending of this movie is the biggest piece of bullshit that I have ever seen I can not put it into words. They try super hard to have everything make some scientific sense at the start about how the world is ending and why and then at the end it is randomly like yeah God decided not to destroy Earth but he also completely randomly made people dissapear in the process. Sound confused? I was too.   
Now I'm not anti-christian or anything like that and hell I even like watching some really spiritual movie every now and then but DO NOT fucking trick me by showing these intense explosions on the case and describe it like it's this super intense action movie while basically no where saying that it is a Christian film. It says in the Netflix description, "Melds Christian beliefs with science" but no they throw Science completely out the door in this one.
Please go watch this movie on netflix then come back to this post so you can understand my pain.     
(EDIT: I Forgot to mention this movie consists of practically no destruction which is almost the sole point of disaster movies. And the effects that are in it look like they're from the 80s)

The PS3 getting hacked is depressing

First off I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a Playstation fanboy. I don't argue against it's evident flaws nor do I try to bash good things about the other systems, however I always find myself cheering for the Playstation to be successful. I own all of the current-gen consoles, but I'm always most interested with what new exclusives will be hitting the PS3 next. 
Now with the recently released hack that seems to have slightly nudged the lid off of Pandora's box, I'm feeling sort of bummed about what is happening. I'm not entirely against hacking/modding though. I think it's cool when people add features in that the system or game didn't have as long as it doesn't affect anyone besides the person who's using it. However when a hack is completely ruining a game and everyones' experience playing it (ex: Call of Duty) it drives me crazy. First of all I have no clue who the people are who would want to go onto a game and hack it in a way so that peoples ranks or stats are reset. This is just the epitome of douche-baggery and I just pray that Sony somehow finds a way to discover who has used these hacks and to console ban them. There's then also the whole possibility of being able to pirate games and also the chance of the integrity of the trophy system being destroyed. This all just seems to screw over everyone in the end.  
I really hope that Sony finds a good way to sort this out and to deal with the offenders appropriately. They should also take this time to upgrade overall security and should look to add a reporting system and enforcement team like Xbox has to help deal with future problems as the PS3's current reporting system is basically non-existent.  
Maybe there is a light to be found at the end of this tunnel though as perhaps the method of security breach used could have also been applied to the imminently upcoming PSP 2. Having the hack come out now instead of later could have possibly saved the PSP 2 from being dead on arrival as the original PSP turned out to be.


Which would you rather lose? (Random Question)

Just a random question. You have the option of losing one of your hands, or losing your vision in one eye and your hearing in both ears. For this question, don't worry about the effects that your choice would have on your life outside of gaming, just worry about you playing games with the disability you choose. So which would you pick?  
I think I would personally pick having one hand removed as even though it would be very difficult to adapt, after practicing you can manage to play to a certain extent. However if I had no hearing and only vision in one eye I would still be able control everything fine, but I just don't think that I would enjoy the experience at all.


FInally Cured of CoD Virus!

 So for the past year or two I've almost solely played Call of Duty. Every night I'd hop on with my friends and play Call of Duty 4 or Modern Warfare 2. Before I used to play all of the big games that came out, but then for some reason I just got trapped into this cycle of only wanting to play CoD.  
I don't really know why, partly because all my friends would play it so I wanted to play and talk with them and it was still a fun game but when ever I would try to play another game even if it was good, I would just end up getting bored, barely giving it a chance and go back to CoD.  
Then I saw some trailers for Red Dead Redemption and I thought it looked awesome. So I bought it the week it came out and I started to realize that I've wasted TONS of my time playing CoD when I could have been playing a ton of other awesome games that came out over that time. I also recently bought Halo Reach and have had tons of fun with it and it has really opened my eyes to how shallow some parts of CoD are compared to it. 
 I used to be insanely excited for Black Ops, but now I think that it will just be another fun game I go back to every once in a while as I play other games. I'm now starting to feel just as excited for tons of games just like I used to. Feels so good to be cured.