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Surely this is still in production...

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Going through all the old Bombcasts right now. I'm mainly intrigued with hearing their first impressions of games that I already know whether they ended up being good or not. Also listening to predictions they make and knowing how wrong (or occasionally right) they were.

Ex: Jeff being super pumped about Dark Void and pretty non-caring about Borderlands after his first impressions.

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This is mainly just Mario Kart Syndrome, where the first one you played is what you consider to be the best in the series.

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Pretty good. Requires track suit.

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Well what did it cost?

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So being in the same office as the Gamespot guys now, it is fair to expect that some Gamespot guys will occasionally show up around the site. Jeff gave the example of Vinny and someone from Gamespot being able to do a quicklook together of the next Dark Souls game since no one else from GB are really into the Souls games, while clearly some people at Gamespot are.

But besides specific cases like this, how much crossover between the two sites do you want to see? Do you want to see Gamespot guys hanging out each week on the couch for the live show? Do you want to maybe see some co-branding where they work on a feature together that would appear on both sites? Or do you essentially want Gamespot employees never to appear on live shows and other features on GB?

Personally, I'd be really down for some GiantBomb vs Gamespot scrub league action. Or at least a combined tournament with all of them.

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Call of Duty 4 for sure is the first one that comes to mind, that shit rocked my world.

Other than that, Mass Effect 2 is definetly up there, even though I never played it until about a month ago.

Also Assassin's Creed 2 did a bunch of cool unique stuff I really enjoyed. I actually liked Brotherhood a decent amount more than 2, but I think in terms of advances it made at the time, AC2 should be placed higher up.

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You fucked up.