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It's been working fine for me in that regard, but try deleting it and reinstalling it.

Also, this might be a silly question, but are you sure you have free space on your phone?

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I had a hard time listening to his spiel about the signatures, because the whole time he was talking I was just staring at him going "WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU"

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So a couple of days ago Dr. Shrunk showed up at my door asking for signatures on a petition that would allow Club LOL to be built. I got the signatures, gave him the sheet, and he basically said Great! Construction will start soon!

It's now been like 3 days and I haven't seen any sign that the club is being built. Do I maybe have a glitch? Is there something else I need to do? Help! I wanna go to a KK Slider show!

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@joey: Someone you get mad at because they appear to be having more fun than you are.

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What's that one game that we played back in 2010 that ended up being on this list of absurd games? Do you remember? Here's a hint: we bought it at that used game shop down the street from the CBGB, right after we saw The Ramones.

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I think the pic is the exact moment when Peter Stormare realized that game would be on his resume forever.

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My Rock Band 1 and 2 bands were both named The Mouth Babies but I'm thinking of switching it up to Kathleen Turner Overdrive for 3.