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@ZeForgotten said:

@Doctorchimp said:

So with the helium shortage...are you finally going to breathe oxygen and make sense?



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I have a lot to catch up on, but I am very much enjoying...

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I don't enjoy his verbal contributions (Bombcasts, quick looks, etc.). I certainly don't hate the guy; that would be dumb. At the end of the day, if the GB dudes didn't want him there, he wouldn't still be there, so there's not much point in making a fuss either way.

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I honestly don't know. I've never intentionally tried to finish a game without dying. That said, there are some games that I have played many many times that I probably have finished without dying. RE4 and RE5 come to mind.

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Ahhh, Master Hand. The source of my first wet dream. What?

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@Socialone: There are actually a lot of good artists out there that don't pander to the violent, materialistic, or misogynist crowds. Whether it's hip-hop or any other genre, it's only "buried" if your only source of music is the radio and other mainstream sources. Thanks to the internet and places like, it has never been easier to find amazing music.

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@Samael2138: I say you might as well go so far as to blame the people who only want to listen to the shit that panders to the basest aspects of humanity.

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@BraveToaster said:

No, Hip-Hop music doesn't degrade society. In fact, I think that the degradation of society is caused by many factors; trying to place the blame on one specific factor fixes nothing. However, I do believe that many rappers are so inconsistent with their views of the world around them. Some rappers make music about their struggles of their neighborhood, praying for change to come, yet they still condone selling drugs in that same neighborhood. Another example would be rapper Plies making songs rife with anger towards white people, then he makes a song dedicated to Trayvon Martin about ending racism in America.

The song is terrible and extremely cheesy, but the point I'm trying to make is many of the rappers that people look up to are shitty people. We're at the point where any black person who doesn't act hood/ghetto is instantly labeled an Oreo. It's a disheartening to be ridiculed because you value education over silly things like rims, and shit.

Really well put. That inconsistency is something that has annoyed me for a long time.

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Oh wait... Evil. Well, if you don't consider the Q or Ancients evil, then the Ancients' counterpart, the Ori, would be pretty bad. They are similar in power and are only prevented in messing up the entire universe by the combined might of the Ancients. Technically, they were both born of the same race and only really differ in their philosophy.

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The Q. A very similar race would be the ascended Ancients from Stargate. They have both very similar characteristics and ways of working, but I think the Ancients might be just a bit more limited compared to the Q, based on what is known about the two races. I'm not entirely sure, though.

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