Astounding Glitch

I find myself completely at the mercy of the new browser-based game "Glitch" that just recently launched. The game is utterly enthralling, with a supportive community of fans growing up around it at a rapid pace. Glitch could end up turning into something truly amazing in the long term!



Downloaded the demo for Magicka today. VERY impressive game, but I could see it being super-hard long-term. VERY heavily thinking about buying it. After all.. at only $10, how can I lose?


Worth leveling up in GW1 if I plan on playing GW2?

I am getting very interested in Guild Wars 2, and definitely plan on picking up some copies of it for the wife and I once it releases. I am very curious on everyone's thoughts however, about the viability of picking up Guild Wars 1 and working on Hall of Monuments achievements in the mean time? How critical do we think the gains from this will be in GW2, or do we even know yet?


Craving Assassin's Creed

I never played Assassin's Creed 1 when it came out, and had planned on grabbed both it and #2 for Christmas sales in order to play then. Then AC:Brotherhood comes out and further cements the fact that I REALLY need to play this series of games. The culturalĀ zeitgeistĀ surrounding them has now swelled to such proportions that I either need to get in on things now, or miss out forever. Do I NEED to play #1, or can I skip that and go straight for #2?