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While it may have been an issue that Giant Bomb has had trouble with in the past, it can do wonders in killing someone's intent to 'break the ice' and start contributing to the gaming community some how. This is the third round of this kind of questioning and attitude that I've gotten from people here on the site, always immediately following honest intent to just participate.

If you didn't intend to troll then great, but it comes across poorly when you ONLY state in a post that you see someone's actions as obviously questionable.

Bottom line: Play Glitch if you want. If you think I'm a marketing account... ignore me.

I'll go back to my cave now.

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@sirdesmond: Really? A looong time lurker on the site comes out and decides to start participating in things, posting about the game he's currently playing the most.. and your reaction is base paranoia in search of a marketing conspiracy? If you're looking to troll just start off with insults about my mother or question my parentage and get it over with.

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So apparently signups for Glitch are running SO popular that they have wait times of up to 1 week for sign ups (unfortunately). HOWEVER...there is a way around this! If you know someone that is a CURRENT player of Glitch, they should have 3 'friend invites' assigned to them for distribution. These friend invites bypass a very significant chunk of the queue wait time for signing up! So if anyone has Glitch Invites they can give out, please comment in this thread!

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The time-sink factor for a character learning skills can be quite frustrating, especially since there is no way to UNLEARN a skill once you've learned... and every skill you learn adds a flat 5% time increase (cumulative) to the next skill you want to learn. So I picked up skills like "Elemental Handling", "Tinkering" and "Alchemy" and have discovered that they are pretty much useless unless you are willing to drill VERY deep down into those skill sets. So I have switched to Cooking, Animal Kinsmanship, and Gardening related skills which all produce practical results at low ranks. However since I have already learned some 25 to 30 skills prior to this point I'm now looking at 4 to 6 hour learning times for skills that would have initially taken only 2 hours to learn.

So.. I really wish there was such a thing as a "RESPEC" for skills at this point. On the upside? The ONLY limit to the number of skills your character can learn is the learning time... so long term you can actually have a Glitch that knows ALL of the game's skills.

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Glitch is a browser based multiple player online 'social game'. While there are numerous RPG mechanics present, it lacks all of the fight-centric components. You have a character that you make, and you can change the appearance (physical as well as wardrobe) of your "Glitch" at any time. You can harvest materials for crafting, make food and drink items to renew your Energy or Mood bars (the only two real attributes that your Glitch has). As you complete tasks, craft, harvest, etc you earn experience points to progress your character. There is an extensive skill tree to learn skills from, and all it costs is your time... with no real limit to the total number of skills you can learn. (REAL nice, you can even check on and manage your Glitch's skill progress from the web without being logged in OR from their iOS app!)

It's a free game, very light hearted and extremely kid friendly. There's no fall damage, no combat system, no real 'death' or 'death penalty' to speak of. You can play it as much or as little as you want, spending as much (or as little) money as you want. It's a fun game and will make more than enough of a hold over (when combined with League of Legends) for gaming until SWTOR launches.

Since it only costs you TIME to investigate (you don't even need to give them a credit card for an account), I highly recommend everyone at least take a glance at the starting tutorial it offers.

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I find myself completely at the mercy of the new browser-based game "Glitch" that just recently launched. The game is utterly enthralling, with a supportive community of fans growing up around it at a rapid pace. Glitch could end up turning into something truly amazing in the long term!

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I find it rather frustrating in the Demo that any shot arrow that hits your mage automatically KNOCKS YOU ON YOUR BUTT. That seems rather.. stupid, given the fact that this also interrupts spell casting. There's one scene with a mess load of goblin archers in it that I just have the dickens of a time getting past because of this. Constant stream of interrupts pouring in from the goblin archers. ARGH!

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Swemlish, I like!

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And remember, the safe word is: Banana! 
Does anyone know what LANGUAGE is used for the voice over? Or is it effectively the swedish version of "simlish"?

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Downloaded the demo for Magicka today. VERY impressive game, but I could see it being super-hard long-term. VERY heavily thinking about buying it. After all.. at only $10, how can I lose?

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