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Roman,Little Jacob,Packie,or that gay guy is funny too.

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Classic Rock like The Who,Aerosmith,Guns and Roses.
Some Metal like Mettalica and occsionaly System of a Down
Speed Metal like Dragonforce
OCCASIONLY some talented rap,not like 50 cent or Snoop Dog crap

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Oriental_Jams said:
"What's with all of the Alec Guinness avatars? You see, it works both ways. Ha. Only one of us is right and I think thanks to all the evidence I provided I have won.

I have nothing against Heath Ledger,i just thought i'd post because I found it interesting that so many people had Heath Ledger pics,didn't mean to be rude or anything.Sorry if I came off like a jerk.Also,I'm a huge fan of Alec Guiness,Sir Alec Guiness.
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Probably Warcraft 3,or Ocarina of Time while playing throught it with my sister.

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I like both alot,getting a new PC soon so il play that alot.

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Tom is my name and my last name starts with "A".I was gonna go with "BabbleFish" from the old BBC Hitchhikers Guide programs but i decided i wanted something simpler.

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On one hand I like the fact that all the biased fanboy's have a place to argue so the rest of us don't need to hear it.But on the other hand,if there is no specific board devoted to System Wars,then all those topics will end up somewhere more easily viewable by other people.

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Ya dude,don't hold a grudge,Gamespot may not be what it used to be but it's still a great site!

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What's up with the Heath Ledger Profile pics,ive seen like 30.(retorical question)

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