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Oh ya! Come to think of it, I think I actually discussed this fact with a buddy when those leaks came out.

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It's gotta be one of those in-between generation games where they get up-ressed ports on the new consoles.

And hopefully PC as well. I can only imagine what this would look like on a high end gaming rig in early 2014.

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This is really surprising to me. I was sure this was gonna be in development for at least another year or two.

EDIT: As a few people pointed out, this info already came out due to the Respawn thing awhile back. Stay for discussion if you like!

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The game is pretty great, I recommend it. I would argue that it IS in fact fun. It's funny, and I have fun laughing and I enjoyed myself. Boom.

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I can't think of a better publisher to get Relic. SEGA has been doing good with The Creative Assembly, and they seem to have respect for their developers and let them do things themselves. I think this is a good thing for Relic, which is really the only studio here I really care about, besides Volition i guess.

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I've started to wonder about it. Breaking Bad and Walking Dead come to mind.

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@Rayeth: Have faith in Bungie. They completely changed the industry; they obviously know what they're doing.

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Lord of The Rings. No question it's the best film score ever. Also Star Wars is really good.

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Cortex Command is awesome, cheap, and has Local multiplayer.

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I am really not sure what to think about where they took the Chief and Cortana story. I'm sure they are going to explore it more in the next two games cause I don't believe for one second that she won't be back in the next game.

Unless they find a way to get her back into the fold really early in the next game, then it will probably be a "oh no Cortanas gone and let's go find her" thing. But if you'll remember, Cortana wasn't with Chief at all in Halo 3 except on the last level, so that whole sad theme of losing her is gonna feel really tired and lazy I'll bet.

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Most of what I have to say has been said already, so I'm just gonna say this one thing that bothered me. At the end, when Lasky is talking to Chief, he's like " I've lost people too, but I I can't begin to imagine how this feels(in reference to losing Cortana)" or something along those lines. Ok... what the fuck is with that? Cortana is a computer program that Chief has known for maximum 4 years( cause 4 of those 8 years he was napping). Even when Lasky loses his lady friend in the Forward Unto Dawn series, that is way worse than losing some computer program, cause it's a fucking person. And he says people, not person, so obviously there's other people he lost too. He could have watched his mother die, and im sure hes seen buddy's get killed right in front of him over his lengthy military career, so how in the fuck is Chief's loss so much greater than his own? I know this is a minor annoyance compared to larger flaws in the game, but fuck me was that line ever dumb.